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Rachid Sefrioui Rachid Sefrioui

Managing Director | Finaventures

Los Angeles, CA, US

Anchor your Leadership. Motivate your Team. Boost your Entrepreneurship.





Entrepreneurs, Founders, Find Your Personal Anchor [For English subtitles, activate Captions]




Based in Paris and Los Angeles, Public Speaker Rachid Sefrioui delivers his talks in English or French.

Rachid Sefrioui is the Managing Director of Finaventures, a venture capital firm he founded in 1999. In the last 20 years, he has backed over 30 startups and growth companies that collectively grew sales to over $450 million, among which he was the Founding CEO of an 18-company integration to create a Regional Technology leader.

He's earned his stripes early in his career by working for McKinsey & Co and for financial houses such as Bowco Investment and Wafatrust Credit Agricole Indosuez. He earned a degree in management & operations research from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio.

Rachid is the charismatic face of Finaventures. He travels the world as a Public Speaker to spread the word about Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Anchoring at conferences and motivation seminars.

But he’s more than a chief evangelist – Rachid is a sought-after consultant as the “big picture” guy with a detail-oriented mind, turning laser-like focus to solve complex strategic and operational problems. He has the skills, knowledge, and experience to back up the message.

Industry Expertise (9)

VC and Private Equity International Trade and Development Information Technology and Services Fund-Raising Management Consulting Financial Services IT Services/Consulting Corporate Leadership Investment Management

Areas of Expertise (10)

Venture Capital Growth Capital Fundraising Entrepreneurship Rollups Merger Integration Family Office Startups Innovation Investment

Accomplishments (1)

White-water rafting as a Team Building exercice (personal)


Led a team of 32 executives from my 18 portfolio companies on a 3-day whitewater rafting trip to build team cohesiveness, trust, determination and leadership.
An incredible learning experience where being between life and death at any turn down the river brought out people's instincts and recognition.

Education (1)

Case Western Reserve University: B.S., Management; Operations Research

Testimonials (2)

Dave Shepard, CEO | Sequoia Communications

"Rachid has one of the best strategic minds I have encountered, which is critical in his position. He has a rare ability to synthesize a wide range of information into a single strategic vision."

Salah Eddine Benzakour , TEDx Organizer | TEDx Alsace

Rachid delivered a moving talk at TEDxAlsace. His topic, "Find Your Personal Anchor", deeply touched many of the entrepreneurs, founders and CEOs in the 350-member audience.

We were so pleased we are going to use Rachid again as a public speaker in our future events.”

Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity

Event Appearances (22)

Featured Speaker: "Find the Anchor Within"

TEDx Alsace  Mulhouse, France


Featured Speaker: "Fundraising for Entrepreneurs"

The Entrepreneur Forum  Paris, France


Keynote Speaker: "Embracing the SaaS Migration"

2010 MED-IT Technology Conference & Tradeshow  Casablanca


Keynote Speaker: "Trust your Entrepreneurial Instincts"

ESCP Europe Business School - Entrepreneurs' Association  Paris, France


Keynote Speaker: "Reinvented as a Cash-less Society"

CardAfrica Conference & Trade Show  Tunis, Tunisia


Keynote Speaker: "e-Citizen Services & Accountability"

IDC Transformation Technologies : Government Innovations   Rabat, Morocco


Joint Keynote with Finance Minister: "The Economics of a Web Society"

Association pour le Progres des Dirigeants [CEO Leadership Forum]  Casablanca


Keynote Speaker: "Offshoring North to South as a Balancing Economic Mechanism"

Offshoring Forum at the Four Seasons  Paris, France


Keynote Speaker: "The Mobile Web as the New Frontier"

2009 MED IT Technology Conference & Tradeshow  Casablanca


Keynote Speaker & MC: "Unconditionally Serving Your Customer"

Finatech Forum  Casablanca


Keynote Speaker: "Technology transcends all Barriers"

2009 Annual Executive Banking Conference  Casablanca


Panelist: "The New SaaS Revolution"

InterFrench L'Executive Club (Silicon Valley Leaders Forum)  San Francisco


Featured Speaker: "From Innovation to Productization"

Caltech/MIT Enterprise Forum  Los Angeles


Featured Speaker: "The Balancing Act of Governance and Founder Management"

UCLA Law School's Venture Seminar  Los Angeles


Featured Speaker: "Southern California Venture Market - Dynamics"

Los Angeles Venture Association  Los Angeles


Speaker: "From Innovation to Productization"

Silicon Valley Bank - Connect for Innovation Conference  San Diego, CA


Keynote Speaker: "The Borderless Innovation"

Silicon Valley Forum  Rabat, Morocco


Speaker: "Venture Economics, 3 years after the Bubble"

PricewaterhouseCoopers' MoneyTree series  Los Angeles, CA


Keynote Speaker: "Trust your Entrepreneurial Instincts"

Marshall School of Business, University of Southern California  Los Angeles, CA


Featured Speaker, Not All Innovation is Equal

MIT Enterprise Forum -   Los Angeles, CA


Featured Speaker: "Scaling a Software Startup past $20M"

Technology Council of Southern California  Los Angeles


Featured Speaker: "The Telecom Privatization Race in the MENA Region"

The Annual EUROMONEY Conference  Casablanca


Sample Talks (1)

Founders: Find your Personal Anchor

View it on YouTube, and activate captions for English Subtitles : http://youtu.be/He_HLBhBICE



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