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Raj Lal - Nokia Inc.. Mountain View, CA, US

Raj Lal Raj Lal

Nokia Inc.

Mountain View, CA, UNITED STATES

Digital Product Leader, Designer, Developer, Author, Technology Evangelist





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Raj Lal is an internationally recognized digital product leader who has designed and contributed to software used by millions of people. Raj is the author of four popular books (Windows Gadget, Web Widget, Smartphone web development & Fun with Silverlight) in addition to many articles about web, digital product design and strategy. He is also a consistently top-rated speaker at conferences and companies around the world. With over a decade of experience in software industry, Raj enjoys taking an objective approach to developing applications and makes extra effort to simplify complex topics. He has a master’s degree in Computer Science and holds MCSD & MCAD titles. He lives in Mountain View, California

His presentations can be found at Slideshare
and Vimeo at

Industry Expertise (3)

Computer Software



Areas of Expertise (3)




Accomplishments (10)

Patent: Creating a User Interface for a Touchscreen Digital Photoframe (professional)


A digital picture frame has a frame bounding a touch screen that presents a user interface having first and second arcs of selector elements. The first are of selector elements is manipulable to establish an input genre root, and the second arc is manipulable to select an input branching from a genre root selected using an element in the first group.

Design Patent: Honeycomb Design (professional)


Code Project MVP (professional)


How do you feel to be among the chosen 40 in a four million membered developer community ? In one word, elated. Having your name beside legends like Michael Dunn, Christian Graus, Nishant Sivakumar, Colin Angus Mackay, Marc Clifton, DavidCrow and others is an honour for a life time.

Winner: Windows Vista Secure App Competition (professional)


Excerpts from the Article Introduction The Cryptography API: Next Generation(CNG) is a new and agile framework in Windows Vista™, which implements an extensible provider model that allows you to load a provider by specifying the required cryptographic algorithm rather than having to hardcode a specific provider.

Windows Vista Mobile PC Contest Winner (professional)


Here is the excerpts from the article Introduction Pen Flicks are the latest methodology in Microsoft Windows Vista™ which are designed specifically for a Ultra Mobile/Tablet PC. They are gestures you can make with your tablet pen to quickly navigate and perform shortcuts. This article describes a Touch Screen Windows Explorer which will leverage this new technology and will compare it with the traditional windows explorer.

Windows Vista API Competition WINNER @ Code Project (professional)


elow is the excerpts from the article. Introduction Preview handler is the latest methodology in Microsoft Windows Vista™, which provide a rich, interactive, and read-only preview of a file without having to launch the associated application. The in-place interactive previews of the file are available in the Explorer windows, common dialogs, and search results.

Grand Prize Winner - Gadget Competition (professional)


My Article on Sidebar Gadget "SoapBox Video Gadget" at was chosen for the Grand prize for Fun category at code Project.

MCAD.NET (professional)


Microsoft Certified Application Developer

First Prize Web Design Contest (professional)


Lamar University CS department had a web design contest and I got the first prize. Here is my entry. Here is the Web URL /

MCSD (professional)


Microsoft Certified Solution Developer

Education (2)

Lamar University: MS , Computer Science 2008

Nagpur University: Bachelors, Computer Science 2000

Affiliations (4)

  • W3C
  • CodeProject
  • MSDN
  • ACM

Event Appearances (15)

Accessible Design with HTML5  San Francisco


Developing Apps for Nokia Windows Phone

VSLive Conference   New York


Upgrade Your Website to HTML5

VSLive Conference   New York


N Screens problem with HTML5

W3C Conference   Redmond, Seattle


Performance Tips & Tricks for QT/QML Apps

MeeGo Conference   San Francisco, Hyatt Regency


Fun with QML and JavaScript

Embedded Linux Conference  Hotel Kabuki, San Francisco


Build Cutting edge Mobile Apps using QML and JavaScript for MeeGo N9

Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit   San Francisco


QML & JavaScript on MeeGo

Flourish Conference   UIC Chicago


10 Tips for Mobile Website Design

MeeGo Conference  Dublin, Ireland


Build Amazing Mobile Apps using HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript

MeeGo Conference  Dublin, Ireland


W3C Widget and MeeGo

MeeGo Meetup   Hacker's Dojo Mountain View


+ Follow Hybrid Application Development for Maemo N900 Device using Qt Webkit

Discover Maemo Event   Santa Clara CA


10 Tips For Designing Mobile Widgets

Maemo Summit  Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Accessible Design

HOW Interactive Design Conference   Washington D.C.


Accessibility on Windows Phone

Windows Phone Meetup  Sunnyvale


Sample Talks (1)

Developing Accessible Apps and Website for Mobile devices

Accessibility on Mobile devices What Accessibility means in a Mobile device and how to develop your app and web pages to make it more accessible on mobile devices. Learn how to create an interface which supports people with disabilities, and know why its a good business decision. An accessible application gives maximum reach to your information, functionality and benefits. The four major disabilities that effect user capabilities are visual, hearing, mobility (difficulty in using the mouse), a



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