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Rajiv Nathan - HelloWorld (formerly ePrize). Greater Chicago Area, , US

Rajiv Nathan Rajiv Nathan

Business Development Manager | HelloWorld (formerly ePrize)

Greater Chicago Area, UNITED STATES

Communications Professional: Co-Founder of Idea Lemon. Business Development Manager at HelloWorld



When I was a high school track athlete, I started as one of the worst people on the team. I saw the success others were having though, and I wanted to experience that myself. Over the course of my high school career, I worked as hard as I could to become as fast and strong as I could possibly be.

As I worked, my times started to improve. With each personal record, I felt a sense of success and accomplishment, not because it meant receiving a medal or having my name read in the school announcements the next day, but because it meant I had competed at my best ability.

In the process of working to be my best, I saw that I could help younger teammates who didn't think they could cut it. I saw I could be an example they could point to and say, "If HE can do it, why can't I?" Knowing I could be an example, in turn, allowed me to grow more and helped fuel the drive to get faster.

When it was all said and done, I certainly wasn't the fastest on the team, but I ultimately graduated as an All-State athlete with 2 school relay team records.

That pretty much sums up how I go about life. I may not be the best, but I will give 100% of what I have to become the best that I am capable of. And in the process, I'll use my experiences and lessons learned to help and motivate others.

In short, I am Ambition. Always evolving, never changing. My life is a story that I'm telling one page at a time.

If you'd like to connect with me and we don't personally know each other, please include a sentence or two about WHY you'd like to connect. I do not accept random, unsolicited requests just because it's linkedin.

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DePaul University: Bachelor of Science, Marketing 2011

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  • DePaul Marketing Association (2007-2011)
  • American Marketing Association (2008-present)
  • DePaul Marketing Advisory Council (2010/2011)
  • DePaul University Athletic Academic Advising (2008-2011)
  • Radio DePaul (2009-2011)