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Ramon De Leon - RamonWOW Inc.. Greater Chicago Area, IL, US

Ramon De Leon

Global Keynote Business Marketing & Social Media Speaker | RamonWOW Inc.

Greater Chicago Area, IL, UNITED STATES

Inspirational Speaker that Motivates ♦ WOM SuperGenius ♦ Former Domino's Chicago Marketing Mind



Extreme Passion and High Energy are words that best describe my love for the pizza business.I have been using Social Media since before the word existed. AOL Instant messenger was my micro-blog before Twitter was invented. I had a business presence on Facebook in '05 before Facebook opened up to brands.
My Social Media strategies were highlighted at Gravity Summit Harvard & streamed Live on

Awarded the 2011 "Chicago Social Media Person of the Year Award" by Chicago Social Media Marketing Group.
2011 #Latism Micro-Blogger of the Year
Named Honorary UIC TKE Fraternity Brother April '12

♦Rise Interactive Internet Marketing Leadership Series Aug '13
♦Hubspot Inbound Marketing Aug '13
♦Social Media Day Chicago Jun '13
♦Vitamina Creativa Guanajuato, Mexico Workshop July '13
♦CMO Asia Macau, China Keynote May '13
♦Ragan Corp Communicators conference May '13
♦M2C Hamburg, Germany Keynote April '13
♦Nestle Germany CEO insight Keynote Dusseldorf April '13
♦AdTech Sydney Mar '13 Keynote Kick-Off
♦Norwegian Direct Marketers Assoc NORDMA Oslo Feb '13
♦LeWeb Keynote Kickoff Dec.'12
♦#Latism12 Closing Keynote Oct '12
♦Domino's Pizza Enterprises DPE Australia, August '12
♦Social WOM/ROI Injury Board Claris Law Chicago July '12
♦#CMFORUM12 Lima, Peru June '12
♦Keynote & Chair "Customer Compass" Sydney May'12
♦Disney Social Media Moms Orlando, April '12
♦Social Media Strategies Summit Keynote Chicago "April '12"
♦#M2C2012 Hamburg, Germany "Passion Keynote" March '12
♦Keynote "Social Media Revolution" Melbourne, Jan '12
♦Bonn, Germany Keynote Jan '11
♦Keynote LeWeb Paris '11
♦#RamonWOW Ambuzzador Buzzattack Vienna,Oct.'11
♦Master of Ceremonies Gravity Summit Harvard Sept.'11
♦Recipient 2011 "Chicago Social Media Person of the Year"
♦Social Media Day Chicago Keynote June '11
♦Keynote,Disney "Mind Hack" Burbank animation studios
♦Keynote,Disney Social Media Team Internal Summit

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Restaurant/Food Service

Consumer Services

Social Media

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Social Media


Accomplishments (2)

2011 Chicago Social Media Person of the Year (professional)


In 2011 I was awarded the Chicago Social Media Person of the Year by the Chicago Social Media Marketing Group.

E-Commerce Pioneer at Domino's Pizza (professional)

In 1997 after went public I was one of the 1st Domino's Pizza Franchise operators in the US to offer online ordering. Within a year we had worked out a solution with a 3rd party vendor and had a true solution 7 years before Domino's Pizza Corporate made it a standard. To this day online sales in the former franchise I operated were nearly 70% of the order mix.

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Testimonials (6)

Brian Solis, Principal Analyst at Altimeter Group Author of What’s the Future of Business, | LeWeb, Paris France December 2012

"Forget what you see online and in social media for a minute. Ramon is a human being who is not only passionate but also strategic in how he unites online content, engagement, and relationships. The result is a dramatic improvement in experiences and the feelings people have with a brand and a business...but not only that, how can you not love this guy and anything or anyone he represents? He's one in a million..."

Matthew A. Gilbert, MBA , Adjunct Instructor, Corporate Trainer, and Instructional Designer | UCLA

If ever there was a great example of someone whose social media strategy embodies the essence of an individual and his organization, it is Ramon DeLeon. Ramon symbolizes how a small business owner can leverage social media to build a business. Beyond his effervescent presence in Chicago he has spoken at conferences around the world, sharing his infectious energy that he calls #RamonWOW! In the fall of 2011 Ramon generously shared his time with my Consumer Behavior class at UCLA Extension and spoke for 90 minutes to my stupefied students about his social media strategy – what a “class” act!less

Ann Handley, Author of "Content Rules," Chief Content Officer of MarketingProfs | Marketing Profs

Ramon is an fun, energetic speaker who can fire up a whole room with his passion for and first-hand knowledge of using digital tools and social media to connect a business with customers and prospects. He's a good speaker, but what I really love is how he pours his whole heart into every speech.

Kurt Vanderah, VP of Community |

Ramon is easily the most passionate speaker I've ever seen. He's a whirlwind of energy, anecdotes, and analysis. When he takes the stage, he's a commanding presence, and it's clear he's going to take the audience on a ride. Which is entertaining, sure -- but Ramon is sharing meaningful, useful information. He's a boots-on-the-ground guy who understands the value of word of mouth marketing and social media. Once he gets rolling, it's clear he actually lives for those moments, every day. This is hardly your boring, theoretical presentation on how a company should do business -- this is real marketing and engagement done right, from one of the most dynamic people you'll meet

Meaghan Edelstein, Managing Director at GXG | Social Media Strategies Summit

I had the absolute pleasure of having Ramon speak at Social Media Strategies Summit, Chicago. Ramon gave an unbelievable presentation, inspired the audience and energized them with his positive attitude and high energy. Ramon is a true expert in social media marketing and his experience and passion make him one of the best presenters I've had the opportunity to work with!

Chris Gross, Head of Social Media and Digital Marketing at Fox Sports | Marcus Evans Sydney

I had the pleasure of speaking at an event for which Ramon was the keynote speaker. Ramon was outstanding in everything he did and having attended over a dozen conferences to date can say he was the best I had heard in terms of passion, engagement of audience and value delivered to the audience. Ramon was very generous with him time and I took away several things that I will take back to my business to execute. I would actively seek out conferences that had Ramon speaking and look forward to hearing his inspirational and expert words of wisdom again soon

Event Appearances (10)

Build Your Brand One Conversation at a Time!

Hubspot Inbound Marketing  Boston, MA


Trust Your Instincts and Engage the World!  LeWeb in Paris France


Trust Your Instincts and Engage The World

AdTech  Sydney, Australia


Keynote Norwegian Direct Marketers Association

NORDMA  Oslo, Norway


Keynote CMO Asia

CMO Asia  Macau, China


Keynote to Nestle Germany CEO's

Executive Summit  Dusseldorff, Germany


Keynote Marketing in a New Web World

M2C  Hamburg, Germany


Social Media Keynote

Internet Marketing Leadership Series  Chicago, IL


Social Media Immersion Workshop

Vitamina Creativa  Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico


Keynote Kickoff Engaging the World!

LeWeb  Paris, France


Sample Talks (1)

Engage the world and build your brand one conversation at a time

The art of making personal connections with customers via social media is the key to the success for many brands online. However, the science of how and when and where to connect is what modern marketers wrestle with each day. Ramon will share the strategies and tactics he used to make his way into the hearts of his customers. Key Takeaways Include: Leveraging social media to drive e-commerce, How listening is just as important as speaking & Getting beyond a one-size fits all approach



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