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Randy Rayess - VenturePact. Greater New York City Area, NY, US

Randy Rayess

Cofounder | VenturePact

Greater New York City Area, NY, UNITED STATES

Cofounder at VenturePact, Tech Entrepreneur, Angel Investor




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I have worked in venture capital, private equity, machine learning and payments.

A consistent problem my cofounder, Pratham Mittal, and I found in the tech companies we worked at or invested in was in software. Outsourcing software, managing remote and distributed engineering teams and hiring the best software developers full time or as freelancers is difficult. We started to help businesses better address their tech needs.

Over the last few years we have met software consulting firms around the world (both onshore and offshore) and assessed their portfolio, their programmers, and their previous clients' experiences. Based on their skill set, industry focus and pricing schemes, we connect companies with these trusted prescreened software development firms.

I enjoy meeting and working with passionate people, playing sports and traveling.

Common misspellings: Randy Rayes, Randi Rayess, Randy Reyes

Industry Expertise (4)

Information Technology and Services

IT Services/Consulting



Areas of Expertise (7)

Product Development



Remote Work

Software Development

Software Developer Hiring


Accomplishments (3)

Marcum Innovator of the Year (professional)


The Marcum Innovator of the Year Awards program recognizes businesses that are pioneering new advancements in the fields of Technology, Biotech/Healthcare, Manufacturing and Business Services.

Wharton Deans Award for Innovation (professional)


Award given by Wharton to recognize innovators and changemakers

Top 20 startups by Philadelphia Magazine (professional)


Ranked top 20 startups of Philadelphia in 2013 by Philadelphia Magazine

Education (2)

Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania: Bachelor of Science in Economics, Finance and Statistics

University of Pennsylvania: Master of Science in Engineering (M.S.E), Systems Engineering

Affiliations (7)

  • wharton alumni
  • YEC Member
  • Founders Card
  • UPenn Alumni
  • Beta Gamma Sigma
  • Wharton VIP
  • New York Enterprise Tech Meetup

Languages (1)

  • English

Media Appearances (4)

Wharton Leadership Forum

Wharton  online


Randy talks about passionate curiosity, decision making, and team building. Some more info about career decision here - Randy is a cofounder at - an online marketplace that connects companies to prescreened software development firms.

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Technology and Entrepreneurship Talk

University of Pennsylvania  online


Randy discusses the importance of persistence in startups, career decisions, the future of technology, the future of work and He provides some unique insights into being an entrepreneur, screening and managing remote teams, outsourced software development and some new technologies including - Internet of Things, 3D Printing, Machine Learning, Decentralized Computing including bitcoin, Drones, Robotics and Artificial Intelligence etc. Randy argues that developers and programmers will work remotely in the future. Please find a link here to the article he mentions about career decisions -

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SiriusXM Business Radio Interview

SiriusXM  radio


VenturePact Cofounder Randy Rayess appears on the SiriusXM radio show. During the interview they discuss VenturePact's mission, the future of technology and computer science education. The SiriusXM Business radio show is in collaboration with Knowledge at Wharton. This originally appeared on and you can find the rest of the interview on

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How to network & build relationships

Weiss Tech House  online


During the talk, Randy discusses the importance of networking and leading with generosity. He goes into detail about networking events and the best way to think about and act during networking events. He touches on following up. He then closes the talk by explaining the importance of peer and mentor networks and provides some suggestions as to how to build a peer network and a mentor network.

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Event Appearances (3)

Starting Technology Companies

Business and entrepreneurship at University of Michigan Ann Arbor  University of Michigan Ann Arbor


Tech Marketplaces - The end to the traditional intermediary

Catalyst Creative Downtown Project  Las Vegas Downtown Project


Outsourcing and Product Development

Wharton and Drexel Founders Club  Wharton huntsman hall


Sample Talks (5)

Product Development, User Experience and User Interface Design

How to build and design web and mobile products How to create customer journey maps and critique your user experience. UIUX (User Interface and User Experience) are very important aspects of tech products. The talk discusses the importance of creating a useful and sticky product by understanding the habits you are trying to create.

Outsourcing software - how to build web and mobile products

Many companies struggle when outsourcing software. This talk discusses the details of finding the right teams to work with. How do you vet development teams? How do you work with them? How do you manage them?

Remote Work - how to build software remotely

We see many people working remotely today and this trend will only grow in the future. The challenge though is how to work remotely. The main two parts is how to hire and manage remote talent. This talk addresses some of the best practices when it comes to managing and hiring remote teams.

Project Management and Governance

How to manage software projects. Which project management tools and accountability management tools need to be used. What are the best practices when it comes to using project management tools and allocating tasks between and within teams.

Entrepreneurial Thinking and Market Entry

How to ask questions and challenge the status quo Most of the time we get stuck in day to day operations and never have time to challenge what we do. Entrepreneurial thinking is about curiosity and asking the right questions. Once you get an idea the next key aspect is execution and devising a market entry strategy.



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