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Rebecca Gill - Wake Forest University. Winston-Salem, NC, US

Rebecca Gill Rebecca Gill

Associate Professor of Communication, Merlo Presidential Chair in Communication and Entrepreneurship | Wake Forest University

Winston-Salem, NC, UNITED STATES

Gill focuses on entrepreneurial and occupational identity and how innovators develop their voices in startups and existing organizations.


Gill integrates mainstream entrepreneurship literature with the field of communication. She offers fresh and unique perspectives on who participates in the entrepreneurial culture and how they develop entrepreneurial identity. Co-author of Organizations and Identity (2017), Gill is an expert in how identities are formed and why they are especially relevant in today’s culture.

While most of her colleagues in organizational communication study large organizations or networks, Gill challenges the taken-for-granted image of who the entrepreneur is and brings to light different entrepreneur narratives, different ways of understanding entrepreneurship and different ways of being an entrepreneur.

Areas of Expertise (8)


Entrepreneurial Identity

Gender and Entrepreneurship

Organizational Communication

Interprofessional Communication

Work/Life and Entrepreneurship

Storytelling and Entrepreneurship

Innovation and New Venture Development





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Education (3)

University of Utah, Salt Lake City: Ph.D., Organizational Communication

University of Montana: M.A., Organizational Communication

Fitchburg State College: B.A., English Literature/Theatre

Media Appearances (1)

The many upsides to a thriving central business district

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"One of the core roots of innovation is when we have a lot of communication going on, a lot of cross pollination of ideas when you have people from different backgrounds and different walks of life gathering together in a central space and being able to spark new ideas and shape new ideas, and all of that is what helps innovation grow," she says. "I think the delightful thing about a vibrant town centre is that you cannot always predict or control who you are going to run into."

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