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Rebecca Hanson - University of Florida. Gainesville, FL, US

Rebecca Hanson Rebecca Hanson

Professor | University of Florida

Gainesville, FL, UNITED STATES

Rebecca Hanson has conducted research on participatory democratic neighborhood experiments and police militarization.


Rebecca Hanson has conducted research on participatory democratic neighborhood experiments, socialist ideology in Venezuela, civilian police reform, police militarization and its impacts on organized crime, and the effects of police-community meetings on citizen attitudes and police behavior. Hanson's other area of research analyzes sexual harassment and ethnographic fieldwork.

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Law Enforcement

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Venezuelan Politics


Political Theory

Latin American Studies

Citizen Security and Policing

Poverty and Inequality

Venezuelan Economy

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Bouncy Castles and Grenades: Gangs Erode Maduro’s Grip on Caracas

The New York Times  online


“Maduro is often seen as a traditional strongman controlling every aspect of Venezuelans’ lives,” said Rebecca Hanson, a sociologist at the University of Florida who studies violence in Venezuela. “In reality, the state has become very fragmented, very chaotic and in many areas very weak.”

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What the US Sanctions Against Venezuela Have Wrought

Jacobin  online


In early August, the Trump administration ramped up economic sanctions on Venezuela, freezing foreign assets and blocking companies from doing business with the Maduro government. As was to be expected, the executive order was accompanied by grandstanding by members of the Trump administration who argued that the move would “accelerate a peaceful democratic transition.”

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Venezuela at Another Crossroads

NACLA  online


Thousands of protestors in the streets. A self-proclaimed president. An uncertain political future. Venezuela has been here before.

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Behind the scenes of Venezuela’s deadly prison fire

UF News  online


A UF sociologist suggest that the story behind a fire that filled 66 inmates at a Venezuelan jail in March and resulted in a deadly riot may be more complex – and scarier – than what news stories portrayed.

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Behind the scenes of Venezuela’s deadly prison fire

The Conversation  online


A fire killed scores of inmates after a riot in a Venezuelan jail in the early morning hours of March 28. Sixty-six detainees died in the flames, as did two female visitors.

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Articles (5)

From carceral punitivism to systematic killing: The necropolitics of policing in post-Chávez Venezuela

Violence: An International Journal

Since 2017, state security forces in Venezuela have been responsible for over 20% of violent deaths in the country. This represents an unprecedented period of state repression in the country’s history that demands examination. In this article, we argue that in order to understand the recent increase in violent deaths in Venezuela during the post-Chávez period, we must place at the center of our analysis the discourses and practices of an extremely privileged actor, the state, in the context of the collapse of oil prices.

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Popularity Contests Deepen Venezuela’s Deadly Stalemate

NACLA Report on the Americas

Perhaps the most significant role played by the 2016-2021 National Assembly was providing a platform for Juan Guaidó to rise from obscurity to the international spotlight. Guaidó, a National Assembly representative and relatively unknown political figure from the Voluntad Popular party, became president of the legislative body at the beginning of 2019.

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Acosadas en terreno: El género, la raza, la nación y la construcción del conocimiento etnográfico

Polis. Revista Latinoamericana

El acoso sexual y la sexualización son experiencias comunes para las mujeres investigadoras cuando llevan a cabo trabajo de campo. Sin embargo, estos temas rara vez se mencionan en los libros y clases de métodos. Este artículo se basa en entrevistas con investigadoras/es cualitativas/os (47 mujeres y nueve hombres) en la academia norteamericana y critica el silencio que rodea al acoso sexual en terreno.

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Perceptions of Police Corruption in Medellín


Conventional wisdom holds that police corruption is a scourge across Latin America, undermining citizens’ trust in and collaboration with police officers. We find that this does not describe police-community relations in Medellín. Using original survey data in Medellín, we find perceptions of police corruption are only weakly correlated with perceptions of police quality along other dimensions.

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The Gendered Dynamics of Urban Ethnography: What the Researcher’s “Location” Means for the Production of Ethnographic Knowledge

Urban Ethnography

In this chapter, I analyze how the intersection of geographic and social locations shapes ethnographic relationships in urban areas. While early urban ethnographers were acutely aware of the importance of geographic location, I argue that researchers’ social locations were ignored, obscuring how their bodies and social identities lead to different forms of knowledge about the metropolis.

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