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Rebecca J. Slotegraaf - Indiana University, Kelley School of Business. Bloomington, IN, US

Rebecca J. Slotegraaf Rebecca J. Slotegraaf

Professor of Marketing | Indiana University, Kelley School of Business

Bloomington, IN, UNITED STATES

Professor Slotegraaf's research interests focus generally on marketing strategy and innovation.

Secondary Titles (2)

  • Whirlpool Faculty Fellow
  • Chair Kelley School of Business Doctoral Programs





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Rebecca J. Slotegraaf - Marketing Department Research




Rebecca joined the faculty in the fall of 2000, after receiving her PhD from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Her research interests focus generally on marketing strategy and innovation, and more specifically on understanding the extent to which marketing resources, capabilities, and new products can be sources of competitive advantage. Her work has appeared in the Journal of Marketing Research, Journal of Marketing, Organization Science, Decision Sciences, and other top-level marketing and management journals. Rebecca serves on the editorial boards of the Journal of Marketing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, International Journal of Research in Marketing, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, and Journal of Product Innovation Management. She received the Jagdish N. Sheth Award for the best paper published in JAMS in 2004, the Kelley School of Business’ Faculty Research Award in 2007, and was named a Marketing Science Institute Young Scholar in 2007. She teaches marketing strategy and new product development at the undergraduate, MBA, and PhD levels. Prior to academia, Rebecca worked in the automotive industry for three years.

Industry Expertise (2)



Areas of Expertise (4)

Marketing Strategy

Marketing Capabilities

New Product Development

Brand Management

Accomplishments (6)

AMS Doctoral Consortium, Faculty Fellow (professional)


Trustees Teaching Award, Indiana University (Winner) (professional)


Trustees Teaching Award, Indiana University (Finalist) (professional)


PDMA Research Competition, Award Winner (professional)

2012, 2013

Doctoral Student Association, Exceptional Inspiration and Guidance Award, Nominee (professional)


Trustees Teaching Award, Indiana University (Nominee) (professional)

2008, 2009, 2011

Education (3)

University of Wisconsin, Madison - School of Business: Ph.D., Marketing 2000

Purdue University - Krannert School of Management: MSM, Marketing 1992

Grand Valley State University: BBA, Business Administration 1990

Media Appearances (1)

Walmart attempts to join green movement, save reputation

Indiana Daily Student  print


This might be a common perception, Rebecca Slotegraaf, an expert on marketing strategies in the Kelley School of Business, said. “This kind of marketing attempt can have two kinds of impacts,” Slotegraaf said. “Typically when a company or brand engages in environmentally sustainable actions, it will normally improve public perception about the brand, but the company’s past actions continue to play a considerable role. If they have a poor reputation, consumers might view the sustainability initiative as green-washing.” By “green-washing,” Slotegraaf means the company would be pretending to be environmentally active, but they only want to appear eco-friendly to promote their brand. Slotegraaf said when consumers suspect a company to be partaking in this branding, it can harm the store’s reputation. “It’s important for a corporation to engage in activities that are actually costly to them in order to show that they’re serious about investing in the environment,” Slotegraaf said. “It needs to be a tangible investment so that consumers start to trust them.”...

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Event Appearances (5)

Competitive Response to Disruptive New Product Introductions: When a New Player Upends an Established Category

AMA Winter Educator's Conference  San Antonio, TX., 2015

Assessing Firm Performance Under Different Forms of Uncertainty: Efficacy of Marketing Capabilities

AMA Winter Educator's Conference  Orlando, FL., 2014

What is Brand Diversity? Deconstructing the Diversity of a Brand’s Product Portfolio

Utah Winter Product and Service Innovation Conference  Park City, UT., 2014

How Launching Green New Products Can Influence Brand Equity

Product Development and Management Association  Phoenix, AZ., 2013

The Role of Prior Performance Sequences in Managerial Risk-Taking and New Product Introductions

Theory + Practice in Marketing Conference  London Business School, 2013

Research Grants (5)

Competitive Research Award

Product Development & Management Association (PDMA) 

2013 Awarded to investigate how companies leverage interactive technologies for innovation

Competitive Research Award

Product Development & Management Association (PDMA) 

2012 Awarded to examine the process of integrating knowledge from social media domains for new product development

The Center for Education and Research in Retailing

Indiana University 

2009 Awarded to present research at a European conference regarding the role of capabilities and subjective judgments of retail store performance (principal investigator)

The Center for Brand Leadership

Indiana University 

2008 Awarded to purchase a commercial database to examine the impact of co-branding strategies

Kelley School of Business

Indiana University 

2005 - 2013 Merit-based Summer Research Grant

Articles (5)

Enhancing Crowdsourcing Success: the Role of Creative and Deliberate Problem-Solving Styles

Customer Needs and Solutions

2015 A growing number of firms are using crowdsourcing platforms to actively solicit the skills of external entities to help them solve innovation-related problems. Despite its increasing popularity, crowdsourcing has produced mixed success, because few external experts provide helpful solutions. The current research examines this issue by exploring why some external solvers are more successful than others. Grounded in dual-processing theory, this study combines survey and archival data to assess the impact of creative versus ...

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Sleeping with competitors: the impact of NPD phases on stock market reactions to horizontal collaboration

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

2015 Firms are increasingly collaborating with their competitors for new product development (NPD), yet the literature is almost silent on stock market reactions to these horizontal collaborations. Given the different skills and activities needed in each NPD phase, we analyze the differential stock market reactions to horizontal collaborations in the initiation, development, and commercialization phases of NPD. Analyses of a unique and comprehensive dataset with 831 NPD announcements of horizontal collaborations over ...

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Brand-embedded interaction: a dynamic and personalized interaction for co-creation

Marketing Letters

2015 Recognizing the importance of timely access to market knowledge for successful new product development (NPD), extant research has theoretically argued and empirically shown the value of consumer co-creation during the NPD process. While most research views consumer-generated content as definite or fixed, this paper reveals how firms can enhance the value of consumer-generated ideas by facilitating the exchange of relevant information during co-creation. The authors introduce brand-embedded interaction as a ...

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Green claims and message frames: how green new products change brand attitude

Journal of Marketing

2014 In response to a top ten global consumer trend, firms are increasingly introducing environmentally sustainable (“green”) new products. Firms allocate significant resources to this area; thus, the authors consider the brand-level implications by investigating how the introduction of green new products changes attitude toward the brand. In examining this relationship, they draw from social identity and framing theories to investigate drivers of green new product introductions as well as the moderating effects of message framing, ...

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Building an innovation base: exploring the role of acquisition behavior

Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science

2013 Innovation serves as a foundation for sustainable competitive advantage. Therefore, it is no surprise that firms seek to build an innovation base—a reservoir of inventions, ideas, and discoveries that serve as a platform for their innovation efforts. One approach for building an innovation base is acquisitions, though extant research reveals an equivocal verdict on whether acquisitions influence post-acquisition inventions. In this research, the authors focus on type of acquisition, acquisition behavior over time, and ...

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