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Regan Stevenson - Indiana University, Kelley School of Business. Indianapolis, IN, US

Regan Stevenson Regan Stevenson

John & Donna Shoemaker Faculty Fellow in Entrepreneurship | Assistant Professor of Management and Entrepreneurship | Indiana University, Kelley School of Business

Indianapolis, IN, UNITED STATES

Professor Stevenson's research and consulting focuses on entrepreneur psychology, new venture financing, and resourcefulness.






What to expect in New Venture Ideas and Models - Kelley School W232- Dr. Stevenson COVID-19 Virtual Idea Blitz Sprint Highlight Video (Mar 20-22) Research Video: Out of control or right on the money? JBV




Dr. Stevenson's primary research and consulting areas focus on the psychological aspects of entrepreneurship and the challenges associated with launching and scaling new ventures (including startups and corporate innovation). His academic research has been published in journals such as the Academy of Management Annals, Journal of Business Venturing, Applied Psychology, Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice. His research and commentary has been featured in popular press outlets including Forbes, Financial Times, The Huffington Post, The New York Post, Entrepreneur, Science Daily, and MSN.com.

Dr. Stevenson's research focuses on topics including equity crowdfunding, angel investing, social entrepreneurship, resourcefulness, entrepreneurial hustle, coachability, social influence, implicit bias, entrepreneurship experiments, and entrepreneurial judgment.

Dr. Stevenson remains closely connected to the phenomenon he studies; he has served as a mentor, investor, and board member for several growth companies. Prior to his academic career, Dr. Stevenson was involved in launching several new ventures and was selected as a finalist for the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award and received a national award for product innovation. Dr. Stevenson also enjoys teaching action-based entrepreneurship courses. He has taught many courses in the Kelley School including The Hands-On Practicum in Entrepreneurship “The Spine Sweat Experience” (W409), Disruptive Innovation: The CES experience (X522), Idea Development and Business Models (W232/233), several Kelley Connect live consulting cases (X503), and a special topics course on understanding and contextualizing the COVID-19 pandemic (X513).

Dr. Stevenson has also delivered educational content and consulted for several growth firms and corporate innovators including facilitating "Virtual Idea Blitz" weekends for corporate professionals, entrepreneurial teams, and students in several countries. A Virtual Idea Blitz is an intensive team-based exercise in which participants develop innovative ideas, build out initial prototypes, and test their concepts with potential market participants in an extremely compressed time period. If viable projects developed over the weekend are implemented and scaled up either as corporate innovation projects, startups, or social ventures. More information is available at www.virtualideablitz.com

Industry Expertise (1)


Areas of Expertise (8)


Social Venturing

Product Management

Angel Investing

Entrepreneur Psychology


New Product Development

COVID-19 Business Response

Accomplishments (1)

Kelley School of Business Innovative Teaching Award

2016 - 2017

Education (3)

University of Central Florida: Ph.D., Management (Entrepreneurship and Strategy) 2016

University of Central Florida: M.S., Engineering and Computer Science (Modeling & Simulation) 2014

University of Manitoba: B.Com., Commerce

Honors with distinction with focus on Accounting and International Business

Articles (5)

Organizational and Management Theorizing Using Experiment-Based Entrepreneurship Research: Covered Terrain and New Frontiers

Academy of Management

2020 The entrepreneurship setting—an extreme organizational context—provides fertile ground for organizationally relevant theory testing and development. In this paper, we propose that randomized experiments in the context of entrepreneurship have considerable potential to advance theory in entrepreneurship, as well as other areas of organization science including organizational behavior and strategic management.

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Unleashing main street entrepreneurship: Crowdfunding, venture capital, and the democratization of new venture investments


2019 Over the past several decades, U.S. venture capital (VC) firms have focused their attention and investment dollars in specialized regional hubs where high-tech entrepreneurship tends to flourish. As a result, “main street” businesses such as retail stores, consumer services, and other non-tech businesses typically find it incredibly difficult to secure equity funding.

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Out of control or right on the money? Funder self-efficacy and crowd bias in equity crowdfunding

Journal of Business Venturing

Stevenson, R.M., Ciuchta, M. P., Letwin, C., Dinger, J., & Vancouver, J.


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The power of positivity? The influence of positive psychological capital language on crowdfunding performance

Journal of Business Venturing

Aaron H Anglin, Jeremy C Short, Will Drover, Regan M Stevenson, Aaron F McKenny, Thomas H Allison


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Regulatory Focus and Information Cues in a Crowdfunding Context

Applied Psychology

Michael P Ciuchta, Chaim Letwin, Regan M Stevenson, Sean R McMahon


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