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Remy Chausse Remy Chausse

Best selling author | Living Life As An Exclamation Point!


Optimism: The Art of Finding Your Exclamation Points!





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Rémy Chaussé is a bestselling author who delights audiences with personal stories of triumph … and weaves heart, motivation and inspiration into every event!

After a terrifying home invasion at 12 years old, Rémy had to find a way to draw on the resources of neighbors when she was totally alone, and then survive the betrayal of a mother who called her a liar for making the whole thing up. That crushing moment set up her lifelong interest to find others who were being invalidated and encourage them to rehabilitate their natural optimism as a survival tool. One day she noticed the simplicity of it – if you flip a teardrop on its head, you get an exclamation point instead. And that began her quest to help other people go on an all-out search to find their missing exclamation points, by using some amazing tools to flip any challenge upside down!

In her own search for her stolen exclamation points, by age 17 she was an accomplished tennis champion, and the top seed in Houston for her age group. At age 27, she won an international design award. At age 37, she was getting standing ovations in a dance troop called “Cleo’s Cabaret”. From there, she wanted to conquer the business world and went
on to become an award-winning professional. Exclamation point!

Always an over-achiever and still an eternal optimist, her influence has touched the hearts and rekindled the spirits of people throughout our world. Rémy has inspired people all around the globe, sharing her breakthrough methods for personal fulfillment and professional success.

Through her natural exuberance and contagious energy, she inspires others into their inner horsepower. Rémy draws on poignant and sometimes hilarious real-life stories that supported her own transformation, and her insights guide us to understand at an instinctive level how we can get our own exclamation points to stand up and dance!

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Art Institutes (Houston, Texas): BA, Interior Design 1984

Dean's List; went on to win an international award before being spotlighted in three national magazines, and hired as a Contributing Editor and featured speaker for Houston's primary newspaper (The Houston Post).

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Do you speak the language of money? Within a fraction of a minute, new prospects form an opinion about you. Don't leave first impressions up to chance. Your "salesman breath" may be hurting you! Learn how to win over clients by losing your script and being more YOU! From setting up a partnership in that first minute ... to seeding them for a commitment ... to un-selling ... your propects will create their own pressure to buy from you when you learn to speak the language of prosperity as a heart-centered entrepreneur or salesperson.



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