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Rena Palloff, PhD - Fielding Graduate University. Alameda, CA, US

Rena Palloff, PhD Rena Palloff, PhD

Adjunct Faculty - School of Leadership Studies | Fielding Graduate University


Works with academic institutions and organizations to develop effective online distance learning programs



Rena Palloff, PhD Publication Rena Palloff, PhD Publication Rena Palloff, PhD Publication Rena Palloff, PhD Publication Rena Palloff, PhD Publication Rena Palloff, PhD Publication Rena Palloff, PhD Publication Rena Palloff, PhD Publication



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Building Online Learning Communities featuring Rena Palloff Rena Palloff on Leadership in Online Innovation Building Online Learning Communities w/ Rena Palloff version 3.0 7 Best Practices for Online Discussions with Keith Palloff and Rena Pratt From Student to Faculty




Rena Palloff works with academic institutions and organizations to develop effective online distance learning programs. She has published widely in the field, including books such as The Excellent Online Instructor and Collaborating Online: Learning Together in Community. She is a member of the doctoral faculty at Fielding Graduate University and also in the master's degree program in Organizational Development and Management in the School of Leadership Studies.

Industry Expertise (4)

Program Development


Training and Development


Areas of Expertise (14)

Action Oriented Research

Social Media

Mobile Technology

Online Teaching and Learning

Faculty Development

Information Systems and Change

Management Theory

Public Policy and Practice

Organizational Theory

Area of Research Specialization

Leadership and Change

Systems Thinking and Invervention

Human Development in Context

Technology and Social Justice

Accomplishments (2)

Mildred B. & Charles A. Wedemeyer Award (personal)

(2012) For Outstanding Practitioner in Distance Education

Philip E. Frandson Award for Literature (professional)

(1999) Awarded by the University Professional and Continuing Education Association

Education (3)

Fielding Graduate University: PhD, Human and Organizational Systems 1996

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee: MSW, Social Work 1976

University of Wisconsin, Madison: BA, Undergraduate Studies 1972

Affiliations (4)

  • National Association of Social Workers : Member
  • League for Innovation in the Community College : Member
  • Sloan-C Consortium of Institutions and Organizations Committed to Quality Online Education : Member
  • Crossroads Consulting Group : Managing Partner

Media Appearances (2)

Faculty Convocation offers online teaching strategies, technology training

Penn State News  online


Keynote speaker Rena Palloff is the author of several publications about online learning and faculty development. Palloff, a mentoring faculty member in the Educational Leadership and Change Doctoral Program at Fielding Graduate University, will discuss tactics teachers can employ to create dynamic learning communities within their online classes...

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4 Ways to Make a Good Impression in Online Classes

U.S. News and World Report  online


It may seem obvious, but an online discussion board is not the place to use the kinds of abbreviations acceptable in a text message or Facebook post, says Rena Palloff, an online instructor and coauthor of "Lessons From the Virtual Classroom: The Realities of Online Teaching. It's been my experience that not only do instructors get upset with it because it's not proper English, other students do as well," Palloff says...

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Event Appearances (5)

Collaborative Group Work Using Mobile Technology

(2011) League for Innovation Conference  San Diego, CA

Effective Online Instruction

(2011) Rocky Mountain Retreat, Fielding Graduate University  Denver, CO

Using Mobile Technology to Empower Student Learning

(2011) Distance Teaching and Learning Conference  Madison, WI

Learning Communities Revisited

(2011) Keynote Address  Davenport University, MN.

The Excellent Online Instructor: 10 Tips for Training and Development

(2011) Online Teaching and Learning Conference (OTL)  Washington, DC

Articles (5)

Using mobile technology to empower student learning

27th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching and Learning

(2011) Today, cell phones are an integral part of the genre commonly known as mobile technology, which encompasses cell phones, personal digital assistants (PDA), iPod Touches, iPads, and numerous other devices. Devices of this nature have connectivity that allows for ...

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Web 2.0 technologies and community building online

25th Annual Conference on Distance Teaching & Learning

(2009) The online learning community continues to generate much interest, both in terms of research and in faculty training to successfully create a learning community. Faculty, however, continue to raise significant questions about the importance of a community- ...

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Building Virtual Communities: Techniques That Work

23rd Annual Conference on Distance Teaching & Learning

(2007) Research continues to show that the construction of a learning community, with the instructor participating as an equal member, is the key to successful online course outcomes and is the vehicle through which online education is best delivered. How to develop effective ...

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Online learning communities in perspective

Online Learning Communities

(2007) The concept of the online learning community has been extensively researched over the last 10 years and, as a result, our thinking about community continues to evolve as we teach online courses, follow the growing body of research on this important topic, and observe ...

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Making the Transition: Helping Teachers To Teach Online


(2000) Teaching in the cyberspace classroom requires moving beyond old models of pedagogy into new practices that are more facilitative. It involves much more than simply taking old models of pedagogy and transferring them to a different medium. Unlike the ...

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