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Reuben Sandler

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San Francisco, CA, UNITED STATES

Dr. Sandler has led development into technologies in optical sensing and instrumentation



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Dr. Sandler joined the Physical Sciences Division Council in July 2006. Dr. Sandler has been Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Intelligent Optical Systems, Inc., a research and development company developing technologies in optical sensing and instrumentation, since 1999 (he retired as Chairman in 2007 and remains CEO). Before that he was President and Chief Information Officer for MediVox, Inc., a medical software development company, and prior to that was an Executive Vice President for Makoff R&D Laboratories, Inc. Dr. Sandler currently serves on the Board of Directors of Optech Ventures, LLC, and as of August 2012 he has joined the Board of Directors of IPCreate. He was a director of PASW, Inc. from 1999 to 2000, and a director of Alliance medical Corporation from 1999 to 2002. Dr. Sandler received a PhD from the University of Chicago, is the author of four books on the subject of mathematics and has held professorships at Victoria University of Wellington, the University of Chicago, the University of Illinois, Chicago, the University of Hawaii and Technion University of Haifa.

Areas of Expertise (5)


Optical Security


Medical Software

Optical Sensing

Accomplishments (1)


Victoria University of Wellington, the University of Chicago, the University of Illinois, the University of Hawaii and Technion University of Haifa.

Education (1)

University of Chicago: Ph.D, Mathematics

Affiliations (1)

  • Intelligent Optical Systems, Inc : CEO

Selected Articles (3)

Theory and practice of elliptically bent x-ray mirrors

Optical Engineering

Malcolm R Howells, Daniela Cambie, Steven C Irick, Alastair A MacDowell, Howard A Padmore, Timothy R Renner, Seung Yu Rah, Reuben Sandler

2000 We report the results of our research and development in techniques for producing elliptical x-ray mirrors by controlled bending of a flat substrate. We review the theory and technique of mirror bending with emphasis on the optical engineering issues and describe our design concepts for both metal and ceramic mirrors. We provide analysis of the various classes of error that must be addressed to obtain a high quality elliptical surface and a correspondingly fine focus of the x-ray beam. We describe particular mirrors that have been built, using these techniques, to meet the requirements of the scientific program at the Advanced Light Source at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. For these examples, we show optical metrology results indicating the achievement of surface accuracy values around and, in some cases, below 1 ?rad as well as x-ray measurements showing submicrometer focal spots.

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Progress toward submicron hard x-ray imaging using elliptically bent mirrors

Materials, Manufacturing, and Measurement for Synchrotron Radiation Mirrors

Alastair A MacDowell, Richard S Celestre, Chang-Hasnain C Chang, Keith D Franck, Malcolm R Howells, Scott C Locklin, Howard A Padmore, JR Patel, Reuben Sandler

1997 Of the many methods used to focus x-rays, the se of mirrors with an elliptical curvature shows the most promise of providing a sub-micron white light focus. Our group has been developing he techniques of controlled bending of mirror substrates in order to produce the desired elliptical shape. We have been successful in producing surfaces with the required microradian slope error tolerances. Details of the bending techniques used, results from laboratory slope error measurements using a Long Trace Profiler and data from the measurement of focus shape using knife edge and imaging methods using x-rays in the 5 - 12 KeV energy range are presented. The development of a white light focusing opens many possibilities in diffraction and spectroscopic studies.

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Sub-micron white-beam focusing using elliptically bent mirrors

Synchrotron Radiation News

HA Padmore, G Ackerman, R Celestre, CH Chang, K Franck, M Howells, Z Hussain, S Irick, S Locklin, AA MacDowell, JR Patel, SY Rah, TR Renner, R Sandler


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