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Toronto, ON, CANADA

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I was born with the gift of helping people get clarity. I didn’t know that this was a unique skill until I hit the business world!

Rhonda Page has had a 25 year career building global brands for companies like Kraft and Coca Cola. She’s taken what she learned in big business and is now helping small businesses stand out, attract the perfect clients and market themselves successfully.

She began her career studying graphic design at Parsons School of Design in New York and Paris and won internships at two of the world’s top branding firms. In her role of creating brand strategies for Fortune 500 Companies, she discovered that she could get to the heart of the matter quickly and provide amazing clarity and focus.

She’s been mentored by the best, including the creator of the Home Depot brand and the creator of Mike’s Hard Lemonade, one of the most successful brand launches in history. Rhonda was working as Director of Brand Insights for Dossier Creative, Canada’s leading brand positioning company, when the economic downturn began. As a result friends with small businesses began to reach out to her for help.

She observed them struggling with differentiation and that they needed marketing help. She realized that if they understood brand strategy as the foundation to successful marketing, they could thrive in any economy.

Her workbook, Know Your Difference™(No Limit Publishing 2011) and unique programs combine business strategy with the important mindset piece to business success. With Rhonda’s help, clients are realizing their vision and surpassing their financial goals. They are closing more sales faster and creating loyal fans.

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Market Research

Business Services

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Small Business




Accomplishments (2)

Your Brand Boost (professional)

The worlds first virtual branding course!

Know Your Difference™ (professional)

First book published January 2011 A workbook for small businesses to help them be clear, stand out and win more business

Education (2)

Parsons School of Design: Graphic Design, Graphic Design 1987

Parsons School of Design: Graphic Design and Communications, Graphic Design 1985

Testimonials (2)

David McLoughlin, Learning Chair EO, President of McLoughlin Promotions | EO, The Entrepreneurs Organization (YPO)

Our members biggest challenge when it come to branding is they aren't always able to give it the attention or financial resources it needs - there are other priorities to deal with first. Our EO group is a very dynamic group of individuals and at times it can be a bit like herding cats. Rhonda was able to keep them focused and engaged. She got people thinking in a different way and there was good take away value. She’s taken the concept of branding which can be confusing to many and simplified it. Her talk benefits the person who knows a lot about branding and the person who knows very little. I was sitting beside a new EO member and she was completely inspired by the importance of branding. This information will change the way she proceeds

Anne Bergman , Learning Coordinatro | Company of Women

"It was the best networking breakfast yet! People were really engaged and clearly motivated" As the facilitator for an entrepreneurs' breakfast networking group, it’s important to ensure the group feels comfortable with the speaker's approach. An early morning meeting needs to be very engaging. Rhonda did a wonderful job of setting the scene for a focused brand visioning and facilitating a discussion after. Each person created their own tangible plan resulting from the exercise and a very useful "take away" piece. The conversation was balanced, dynamic and very motivating. Everyone was thrilled with the presentation. Thank you! "

Event Appearances (4)


EO, The Entrepreneurs Association  Toronto


How to Get Known and Get the Word Out

Hoffman Institute Leadership Conference  Barcelona Spain


Avoid the 3 Massive Marketing Mistakes

The Business Mastery Summit  Monterey, California


Avoid the 3 Massive Marketing Mistakes

eWomen Network  Toronto, Canada


Sample Talks (1)

The 3 Massive Marketing Mistakes Small Businesses Are Making that Can Put Them Out Of Business

I'm going to show you how to avoid these three massive mistakes but more importantly how to stand out and be able to talk about your business with confidence, how to attract perfect clients who have the budget to pay you and the one thing that you may be missing that affects the success of all your marketing (its a game changer). Once you know this one thing, you'll be able to set yourself up for marketing success. You're going to learn a whole new way to think about marketing!



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3500 to 5000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee