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Richard Brenner

Principal | Chaco Canyon Consulting


I work with people in problem-solving organizations who make complex products or sophisticated services that need state-of-the-art teamwork.

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Human Resources

Information Technology and Services

Computer Software

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Organizational Politics

Managing Virtual Teams for Real Results

The Race to the South Pole: the Power of Agile Development

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The Race to the South Pole: Lessons in Agile Development

On 14 December 1911, four men led by Roald Amundsen reached the South Pole. Thirty-five days later, Robert F. Scott and four others followed. Amundsen had won the race to the pole. Amundsen's party returned to base on 26 January 1912. Scott's party perished. As historical drama, why this happened is interesting enough, but to project managers, the story is fascinating. Lessons abound. Among the more important lessons are those that demonstrate the power of the agile approach to project management and product development.


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