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Richard Hoefer Richard Hoefer

Professor | University of Texas at Arlington


Award winning speaker motivates advocates, assists nonprofit managers, promotes social justice



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Dr. Rick Hoefer inspires passion in advocates for social justice, and brings knowledge to nonprofit managers. The author of the acclaimed book, Advocacy Practice for Social Justice, Dr. Hoefer not only inspires action-taking, but provides a step-by-step process that anyone can follow. His message is perfect for liberal groups, particularly social workers, seeking to overcome the conservative political messages broadcast by so many politicians today.
Dr. Hoefer has gained expertise in the use of internet marketing strategies to help nonprofit organizations with their fund-raising. Using techniques little known outside the internet marketing world, Dr. Hoefer can lead nonprofits to investigate and earn new, unrestricted funds, using methods most nonprofit professionals have never heard of.
Dr. Hoefer is also an expert in program evaluation, bringing practical knowledge and perspectives on how to use this process to increase funding, visibility, and accountability for nonprofit organizations.
The author of 6 books and dozens of articles, and a speaker at over 75 conference presentations, Dr. Hoefer has inspired students and others for over 25 years.

Industry Expertise (4)



Social Services


Areas of Expertise (7)

Social Justice


Nonprofit Management

Key Skills for Nonprofit Managers

Decision Making

Nonprofit Fundraising

Internet Marketing for Nonprofits

Accomplishments (1)

Roy E. Dulak Professor for Community Practice Research (professional)


Named to this prestigious endowed chair for continuous and exemplary contributions to the field of community practice research.

Education (5)

University of Michigan: Ph.D., Social Work and Political Science 1989

University of Michigan: M.A., Political Science 1984

University of Kansas: M.S.W., Social Work 1981

University of Kansas: B.S.W., Social Work 1979

Universty of Stockholm (Sweden): Certificate of Completion, International Politics 1982

Affiliations (1)

  • University of Texas at Arlington

Sample Talks (5)

Simple Ways to Improve Managerial Decision Making

Every day we make decisions, some good, some not so good. How can we improve our batting average? Listeners to this speech will gain the following benefits: *Understand decision-making traps; *Learn how to avoid common traps; *Apply a simple process to keep making better decisions

Promoting Social Justice Through Advocacy

Focusing on the ethical mandates social workers have to be advocates, Dr. Hoefer leads listeners to want to conduct advocacy and presents a step-by-step approach that anyone can follow. By turns inspiring and practical, this presentation shows the importance of activism and the means to improve the world through concrete action.

The 7 Key Skills for Nonprofit Managers

Based on his original research, Dr. Hoefer presents the 7 key skills that nonprofit managers need to have in order to be effective in their organizations. After the presentation, listeners know what their skill set should be and are inspired to take action to improve their overall effectiveness. Dr. Hoefer is available to lead training workshops on these seven skills.

Nonprofit Fundraising Using Internet Marketing Secrets

Nonprofit managers and fundraisers can learn how to raise unrestricted funds by using the secrets of internet marketers. Listeners will be able to walk away from this presentation with ideas to bring fresh streams of funds into their organizations. Dr. Hoefer is available for more in-depth workshops and consultations to assist nonprofits with these techniques.

Simple Ways to Improve Nonprofit Manager Decision-making

Almost everyone can improve the way they make decisions--in fact, science has in recent years shown just how people consistently make poor decisions. The purpose of this talk is to show common errors and present ways to overcome these human tendencies.



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1000 to 10000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee