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Richard Kelley, M.D. - Richard Kelley Fitness Ventures. Austin, Texas Area, TX, US

Richard Kelley, M.D.

Physician, Author, Speaker & Transformation Coach | Richard Kelley Fitness Ventures

Austin, Texas Area, TX, UNITED STATES

Physician, Author, Speaker, Transformation Coach at Richard Kelley Fitness Ventures








I am a practicing physician with 18+ years in the medical field. I am co-owner of Physician's Way Healthy Weight Loss, where I practice 'fitness-based weight management.'
I am also the author of 'The Fitness Response,' published by Morgan-James Publishing. My emphasis centers on helping people develop their highest level of health by encouraging daily exercise, coupled with optimal, fitness-based nutrition.

My main professional goal is to carry my message of optimal health through the practice of fitness-based strategies, to the largest population that I can.

Accomplishments (5)

The Lifeline Ab Transformation (personal)


Based on the principles of 'The Fitness Response,' I documented my own personal, two month abdominal 'transformation' to show what is physically possible, by following the principles by which successful fitness and physique competitors use to physically transform the body. I lost over 15 pounds during a two month span of time, decreasing my body-fat percentage below 10 percent, into range typical of male physique competitor and I detailed how others can facilitate weight loss and physical change

The 3-Hour Appetite Companion Cook Book (personal)


Co-author of 'The 3-Hour Appetite Companion Cook Book' Written in conjunction with my wife, Sherrill Kelley, we published a collection of over 100 healthy, fitness-focused recipes, designed to teach great nutrition and support one's fitness efforts.

The 3-Hour Appetite (personal)


Author of 'The 3 Hour Appetite' An e-book on, which details the important connection between one's eating pattern and successful weight loss and physical transformation.

Living The Fitness Response (personal)


I produced a 7 DVD personal fitness transformation program called 'Living The Fitness Response,' which is based on my book, 'The Fitness Response.' The program is designed for individual education and direction, teaching the principles that individuals who are successful in the 'fitness world,' use to change, sculpt and transform their physical bodies.

The Fitness Response (personal)


Author of The Fitness Response, a book which details my health and fitness philosophy and focuses on why we should be modeling the most successful individuals among us, when it comes to our personal fitness, health and changing or transforming the body.

Education (1)

The University of Texas at Arlington: BA, General Studies, Biology 1986

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Fueling Your Day to Maximize Energy and Productivity

Bazaarvoice's company health series, to encourage employee health and wellness   Bazaarvoice


Sample Talks (1)

Leveraging Your Fitness for Wealth and Prosperity

Getting fit is not just about losing weight and changing your body. How well you look and feel can literally determine how productive you are on a day to day basis. Fitness is about energy and what you project in energy, is the first thing people are going to notice about you. Your level of fitness is intimately tied to your energy, enthusiasm and also your motivation to pursue your goals. I'll teach you how to make your fitness non-negotiable, so you can leverage it to ensure your prosperity



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