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Richard V. Poirier, J.D. - Church Mutual. Merrill, WI, US

Richard V. Poirier, J.D.

CEO | Church Mutual


Rich can speak to senior leadership perspectives, top needs of houses of worship today, leading companies through crisis & insurance trends.




Rich Poirier's unique leadership path as a lawyer, Navy judge advocate, Navy Captain and then insurance executive brings compelling points of view to executive leadership, the insurance industry and the ever-evolving community of faith-based organizations. Rich joined Church Mutual in 2011 and today serves as its president and CEO.

His expansive experience and dedication to civic and community organizations, fervent commitment to diversity and inclusion (in a decidedly "undiverse" part of the nation) and immersive understanding of the business of faith-based organizations, nonprofits and schools makes him an excellent media resource. He can speak on topics from executive leadership to the changing face of houses of worship and protection priorities within the audiences he serves.

Expert Topics (4)

Executive leadership perspectives

1. How military experience shaped his leadership as CEO 2. Diversity and inclusion and why it’s good for business: - His vision for achieving it within organizations in north-central Wisconsin and throughout the nation. - Addressing programs to support veteran and military recruitment. 3. Top executive challenges: - How new innovations (like self-driving cars) impact insurance. - Strategies for taking a 100-year old business and moving forward to the next 100 years. - Evolutions in the digital business model. What we must be thinking about in tomorrow’s workforce. 4. Insurance industry strategies (experience with houses of worship, schools and nonprofits) including risk mitigation and changes to how facilities are used.

Leading companies through times of crisis (such as the current pandemic)

1. Business continuity 2. Employee safety 3. Transparent, engaging communication 4. Meeting goals in spite of the challenge

Evolution in houses of worship/religion and top needs today

1. The changing face of faith (location, how we worship and needs) 2. Generational challenges houses of worship respond to 3. Houses of worship filling the human services gap 4. Today’s insurance priorities: - Sexual abuse prevention - Armed intruder - Weather/natural disasters – how climate change is changing the insurance industry - Older building structures - Mental health of leaders

Insurance Trends

1. Necessities for coverage changes in last decade 2. How best to prepare for the unexpected.

Areas of Expertise (7)

Insurance in COVID-19

Insurance Trends

Digital Business

Executive Leadership Perspectives

Diversity and Inclusion


Business During COVID-19

Education (2)

Marquette University: JD 1986

Marquette University: BA 1983

Affiliations (4)

  • Wisconsin Bar : Member
  • Aspirus : Vice Chairman Of The Board
  • North Central Technical College Foundation : Board Member
  • American Property Casualty Insurance Association : Board Member

Media Appearances (6)

Local employees react after President Trump supports federal paid family leave

WAOW-TV  online


Church Mutual an insurance company headquartered in Merrill tells News 9 they just started offering the paid family leave this year. “I just think back I was blessed with four children on my own and I was just there for the birth and then off to work and you just miss the important events of your child’s lives,” said Richard Poirier the CEO of Church Mutual.

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Merrill company helping victims of California wildfires

WAOW-TV  online


“In three hours 16 churches were incinerated and completely destroyed so the claim number is not super high but the dollar amount is pretty astronomical,” said Richard Poirier the President and CEO of Church Mutual. Each of those destroyed churches cost $2 million.

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Churches conducting more background checks, but sex offenders still slipping through the cracks

FOX News  online


The risk of sexual abuse is real. If your organization serves children and youth, you have a responsibility to provide a standard of care for those most vulnerable. It is imperative that you evaluate your current preventative measures,” Rich Poirier, president and CEO of Church Mutual Insurance Company, pointed out.

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Sanctuaries under Siege: Fear among US Worshippers Centered on Armed Intruders

Associated Press  online


“It’s deeply upsetting that today’s worshippers, regardless of religion, have to contend with the very real possibility of an armed intruder,” said Rich Poirier, Church Mutual president and CEO. “Even beyond churches, many organizations, from schools to offices and factories, are asking themselves, ‘What do we do if an armed intruder enters our facility?’”

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Getting Ahead of California Wildfires

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette  online


“Every year, Church Mutual and Church & Casualty customers suffer from property loss, business disruption and the health risks caused by wildfires,” said Rich Poirier, Church Mutual president and CEO. “These fires can start and spread quickly, resulting in dangerous conditions and costly damages. But early detection and the right preventive measures can significantly reduce the risk of wildfire-related losses. This program is one of many investments we make to keep our customers safe.”

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African American Pastors Advisory Group Established to Further Understanding and Community Support

Chronicle Journal  online


“At Church Mutual, we recognize our customers are the company, and we devote a lot of time and effort to understanding their unique needs,” said Rich Poirier, president and CEO. “With this new initiative, we will gain a deeper understanding of the special needs of African American faith leaders and their churches, mosques and synagogues. We want to work with these leaders first-hand to ensure we help keep their ministries and communities protected, vibrant and thriving. Their input will drive our innovation efforts, within and outside our own walls. To me, what’s most important is knowing our work with the AAPAG will bolster our overall goal – to make this country a better place by serving those who do the same.”

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