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Rick Itzkowich - Rick Itzkowich Consulting. La Jolla, CA, US

Rick Itzkowich

The LinkedIn Guy | Rick Itzkowich Consulting


I blend sales, marketing, networking and entertainment into a unique package. I turbocharge people's networking efforts.



People started calling me ♦The LinkedIn Guy♦ after sharing tip after tip on how to use LinkedIn™ to generate more referrals at my networking group.

LinkedIn is a gold mine - when you know how to use it.✔ Unfortunately, most new users will soon become discouraged, frustrated and stop using LinkedIn. The reason for this is that there is a huge learning curve and very little effective guidance

There's a big difference between being on LinkedIn and MONETIZING LinkedIn. If you want LinkedIn to be more than a parking place for your resume, you must be very strategic.

►This is where I really make a difference!◄

I have spent 100's of hours using, learning and teaching LinkedIn. I wish there would have been someone like me guiding me. It would have saved me a lot of time AND it would have prevented me from making some serious mistakes. You can take advantage of this and capitalize on MY learning curve.

I help you turn LinkedIn into one of your most valuable assets. I show you WHAT to do, HOW to do it and most importantly, WHY you must do certain things to be successful. There are many hidden opportunities on LinkedIn that will take you months (if ever) to discover. I'll guide you there right away.

In addition, there are several major mistakes that people constantly make on LinkedIn. A few of them can even have your account suspended. Most of these mistakes can be avoided with a little information.

I am the author of ♦LinkedIn Power♦ - This 15-video series teaches you exactly what you need to do to generate success on LinkedIn.

►"Rick is a LinkedIn genius."
Dave Crane, Owner The Life Designers

►“Rick nailed it, a creative way to get more value out of LinkedIn and referral networking!"
Gayle Lash, Marketing executive

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Best Speaker Award at You Learn Twit Face Social Media Conference (professional)

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University of Phoenix: BSBA, Business 1989

Attended U.S.C. while in my 20's and dropped out. Went back and finished my degree 15 years later

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You Learn Twit Face Social Media Conference  Dubai



BNI - Business Networking International 5-Year Anniversary  Dubai


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21st Century Networking - How to monetize LinkedIn

Rick Itzkowich, "The LinkedIn Guy" will present an engaging and entertaining overview of LinkedIn. You?ll take away: -- How you can use LinkedIn in conjunction with your current offline networking activities to help you generate a lot more business. -- How to monetize LinkedIn -- Why LinkedIn offers a superior alternative to cold calling and how to use it. ? If you are on LinkedIn, you learn how to step up your involvement to get triple the sales and referral results. -- If you are not on LinkedIn, you will understand why you need to get started today! -- The "what," "how" and "why" of using this untapped online social networking tool. Why wait any longer? Get connected today with thousands of referral sources!



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1000 to 5000 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee