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Rick Pierce - Consulate General of Canada (CTA Boston). Boston, MA, US

Rick Pierce Rick Pierce

CEO and Co-founder | SanaRx Biotherapeutics


Rick Pierce is a senior level executive and advisor, with expertise in attracting capital, forging transformative strategic alliances .



Rick Pierce is a senior level executive, investor, board member and advisor, with a proven track record in attracting capital, forging transformative strategic alliances and working with fellow investors to create successful outcomes. Prior to co-founding SanaRx Biotherapeutics, Rick worked in venture capital and investor relations for multiple high-profile life sciences companies. Rick graduated from Hampshire College, and has extensive experience as a mentor at the Canadian Technology Accelerator - Boston.

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Strategic Planning

Medical Devices

Technology Transfer


Pharmaceutical Industry


Venture Capital

Corporate Development

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Harvard Chan–affiliated teams compete in finals of President’s Innovation Challenge

Harvard News  online


anaRx, founded by Rick Pierce, Jeffrey Wagner (a former postdoctoral fellow in the Eric Rubin Lab), Fred Mermelstein, and Carl Novina, was a finalist in the Pagliuca Life Lab category. SanaRx leverages synthetic biology and genetic engineering to improve detection, visualization, and treatment of three rare diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. The current standard of care for these diseases requires frequent invasive procedures—such as colonoscopies—under anesthesia, whereas SanaRx products use bacterial genetic engineering to detect the diseases noninvasively, reduce the frequency of invasive interventions, and treat the diseases...

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