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Rita Singh - Carnegie Mellon University. Pittsburgh, PA, US

Rita Singh

Associate Professor | Carnegie Mellon University


Rita Singh works on core algorithmic aspects of computer voice recognition and artificial intelligence applied to voice forensics.


Rita Singh works on core algorithmic aspects of computer voice recognition and artificial intelligence applied to voice forensics. Her focus is on the development of technology for the automated discovery, measurement, representation and learning of the information encoded in voice signal for optimal voice intelligence. Her work seeks to enable computing machines to not only recognize the content of human speech better in general, but also to understand and respond to humans by gauging their persona, their intent and their status vis-a-vis their environment from their voice alone, with an acuity that surpasses that of the human brain. This part of her research represents an intersection of the areas of AI and voice forensics. She continues to work toward making voice intelligence algorithms work much better than currently possible in high-noise and other kinds of complex environments, using minimal external (human-generated) knowledge.

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CMU Students Train AI to Write Book of Limericks

Carnegie Mellon University  online


Their digital Shakespeare was a project last semester in the School of Computer Science's Introduction to Deep Learning course. The instructor, Rita Singh, associate research professor in the Language Technologies Institute, said she suggested the project as a way for students to explore how AI might capture elements of artistic expression that are hard to quantify. "What makes a few lines of English written by Tennyson 'poetry' and a 'masterpiece' while the same number of lines written by someone else following the same pattern/rule/rhyme turn out to be perfectly mundane and mediocre?" she said.

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Do I sound sick to you? Researchers are building AI that would diagnose COVID-19 by listening to people talk.

Business Insider  online


"If we can prove that it works, this would be a very easy-to-use tool for businesses when they open up. People can just talk into a machine and the machine could alert them if there's something wrong," Carnegie Mellon researcher Rita Singh told Business Insider. "It would be a powerful technology that could ease testing all across the world."

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New App Attempts to Detect Signs of COVID-19 Using Voice Analysis

Futurism  online


Also working on the project is Rita Singh, a professor of computer science at Carnegie Mellon who for years has been creating algorithms that identify micro-signatures in the human voice that she believes reveal psychological, physiological, and even medical data about an individual subject. "The cough of a COVID patient is very distinctive," Singh said. "It affects the lungs so badly that breathing patterns and several other vital parameters are affected, and those are likely to have very strong signatures in voice."

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Artificial Intelligence-Driven Voice Forensics Helps Coast Guard with Hoax Calls

Government Technology  online


From something as simple as the sound of your breath, Rita Singh, a researcher at Carnegie Mellon University's Language Technologies Institute , can pull information about what you look like and the room from where you are calling. “Every person's voice is unique, just like your fingerprint and DNA, so we are on our way to converting voice to kind of like a barcode to identify every human,” said Singh, who has been studying voice for decades. “Basically, we are trying to sketch the entire persona of a human and their environment.”

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Presentation by Dr. Rita Singh, Carnegie Mellon University, at the 2019 Global Security Forum


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National Geophysical Research Institute of the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research: Ph.D., Geophysics

Banaras Hindu University:: M.S., Exploration Geophysics

Banaras Hindu University: B.S., Physics