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Rob Burbach - International Data Corporation (IDC). Inverness, NS, CA

Rob Burbach Rob Burbach

Research Director | International Data Corporation (IDC)

Inverness, NS, CANADA

Research Director, specializing in the design and analysis of primary research in technology


Rob Burbach is a Research Director in the Custom Solutions group in IDC Canada. He designs, manages and analyses primary research projects for both IDC Canada and IDC globally. The projects include qualitative, quali/quant and quantitative research across a wide variety of technology related topics.

Research areas of expertise include branding, market modelling, pricing, buyer behaviour, maturity modelling and new product research. Rob has particular expertise in advanced quantitative research techniques including the use of conjoint modelling.

Rob’s initial role at IDC was as the Canadian analyst for IDC Financial Insights. He maintains a strong interest in the financial services sector. With more than 30 years in the market research industry, Rob has extensive experience on the both the buyer and provider sides. He holds an MBA and Bachelor of Mathematics degree.





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Areas of Expertise (7)

Survey Development

Buyer Behaviour

Statistical Analysis

Conjoint Modelling


Maturity Models

Market Models

Associated IDC Services (1)

  • IDC Custom Solutions


Education (3)

SASIN Graduate School of Business: MBA, International Finance and Marketing

University of Waterloo: B.Sc., Mathematics

Ambassador College: BA, Undergraduate Studies

Languages (1)

  • English

Media Appearances (7)

IDC’s Top Executive Survey Results 2019

CIO Association of Canada  


IDC Canada’s annual Top Executive survey is a featured study for CIOs. In partnership with the CIO Association of Canada, IDC surveyed business and IT executives on their top priorities, challenges and outlook. Join IDC’s Tony Olvet and Rob Burbach to hear how the c-suite in Canada is tackling key issues such as digital transformation, innovation, and the rapid emergence of new technologies.

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Banks intent on becoming pioneers of mobile payment systems

Financial Post  online


No one silver bullet solution has taken off in the Canadian mobile space, in which telecom providers, payment processors and credit card companies are also vying for consumer loyalty, said IDC Canada analyst Rob Burbach...

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Canadians catching on to mobile banking

Financial Post  online


About 27% of the Canadian population own smartphones, according to figures produced by consultancy IDC Corp. Roughly 5% of all Canadians regularly do their banking by smartphone. That’s roughly in line with most other western countries, but in terms of banking applications Canadians have limited choice. “The U.S. has seen much more aggressive moves just because there is much more competition in the banking space,” said Robert Burbach, an analyst at IDC’s Financial Insights division.

TD Bank customers have ‘app’-etite for iPhone banking

IT Business  online


“I see them as playing complementary roles,” said Rob Burbach, senior analyst, financial insights at IDC Canada in Toronto. “What’s likely to happen is some transactions – such as balance inquiries, which you can complete quickly – will migrate to mobile. However more complex transactions for managing money are going to stay online.”...

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TTC may opt for ‘open’ electronic fare payment system

IT Business  online


The TTC is leaning towards an electronic fare system at odds with the rest of the GTA, noted Rob Burbach, senior analyst at IDC Financial Insights’, Toronto-based IDC Canada’s financial advisory service. Burbach is an expert on mobile payment systems. “Why does the TTC need to reinvent the wheel?” the analyst asked. He noted that the rest of the GTA is using an integrated system – the Presto card. By implementing a different system the TTC would introduce unnecessary cost and complications, Burbach warned. “Going with another system would be a poor use of tax payers’ money.”...

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New ING Direct app lets you do your banking from BlackBerry, iPhone

IT Business  online


“In terms of ING’s current product offering I think [mobile payment] is more of a ‘nice to have’ rather than a compelling feature,” said Rob Burbach, senior analyst, financial insights and buyer behaviour practice at IDC Canada. Burbach said ING is more into high interest rate savings, business accounts, GICs, and mortgages rather than transactional accounts, where a mobile banking app would be more useful. “It will be interesting to see if they push more aggressively into transactional banking.”...

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Microsoft helps banks do SWIFT business

IT Business  online


All Canadian banks currently have SWIFT addresses to receive electronic payments in that format, says Rob Burbach, financial insights senior analyst at IDC Canada. The standard provides the global means to transmit payments electronically. “People want to transfer money as quickly as possible,” he says. “Translating to SWIFT at the bank level takes a lot of work and was inefficient. It’s been a continuing problem.”...

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