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Rob Gibson Rob Gibson

Director | flowscape

Sydney Area, Australia, AUSTRALIA

Innovative Thinking at the Intersection of Design, Business and Technology.



I create and navigate disruptive change, using technological ingenuity and culture savvy to get you better business outcomes.

The most pervasive problem with IT is that it’s done in isolation, without understanding the surrounding business context, or the people involved.

Why is this important? Because unless you're building games or commercial software, then IT exists solely to support your business and your people. IT has no purpose in and of itself.

You may recognise the signs. “IT vs. the Biz” cage-fights. “Where’s the value?” asked repeatedly. IT-bureaucracy making business jump through hoops. These indicate that you could be getting a lot more return from your IT investment.

I use Lean, Agile, Design Thinking and Crazy Wisdom to do this, but ultimately, it’s simple: I want to sort out the whole conundrum: your business and your culture, as well your technology.

WHAT I'M NOT: A suit-wearing, jargon-spouting, management consultant. I’ve been to buzzword-rehab. If you catch me sneaking one in, I lose my medallion.

• I’ll never say nonsense like “customer-infused retailing”. Ever.
• I never use chevrons. Ever.

WHAT I AM: It depends on the business context.

WHAT HIRING ME LEADS TO: You will look awesome.

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Management Consulting


Computer Software

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Computer Science

Organisational Development

Change Management

Accomplishments (1)

Speaking at Stanford University (professional)


Spoke to an audience of 100+ at Turing Hall, Stanford University. TOPIC: The underlying dynamics which make Agile so different and so successful. How Agile integrates with and effects organisational culture. Why people are the hardest part of change, and how change programs can be structured to install Agile successfully.

Education (1)

BCAE4: Associates, Performing Arts/Theatre 1985

Event Appearances (1)

Evolving Agile

Agile Tour Sydney 2012  Sydney, Australia


Sample Talks (1)

Agile Reloaded

On the creativity spectrum, Agile is supposed more like two-guys-in-a-garage than death-by-committee. But pressure to make Agile into a predictable production-line smothers the innovation and ingenuity we should be getting. How can we safeguard the creative freedom needed to create real, pragmatic breakthroughs, and bigger, better returns? By merging the structure & tools of Design Thinking with the power and speed of Agile. Not just for UIs: for the whole project. The results are remarkable.



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1000 to 3500 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee