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Rob Malcolm - The University of Texas at Austin, McCombs School of Business. Austin, TX, US

Rob Malcolm Rob Malcolm

Executive in Residence, Center for Customer Insight and Marketing Solutions | The University of Texas at Austin, McCombs School of Business


Executive consultant, mentor and coach - marketing, sales, and innovation


Areas of Expertise (13)

Marketing Strategy Global Marketing Building Global Brands Disruptive Marketing Sales Strategy Marketing Innovation High Performance Marketing Consumer Products Customer Insight Brand Management Market Research Integrated Marketing Brand


Rob Malcolm is a seasoned business professional and an educator with primary areas of interest including global marketing, building global brands, organizing and building High Performance Marketing organizations and driving accelerated growth through a balance of organized and disruptive marketing.

He speaks and writes on topics of consumer insight and understanding (solving consumer puzzles); sustaining mastery in marketing; global brand management; and marketing design.

Malcolm is the executive-in-residence with the Center for Customer Insight and Marketing Solution at the McCombs School of Business, The University of Texas at Austin. He has also taught marketing at the University of Pennsylvania, Wharton School of Business.

Malcolm spent 24 years at Procter & Gamble before becoming president of marketing, sales and innovation for Diageo, the world’s largest premium alcoholic beverages company. He retired from full-time corporate work in 2008, but continues his influence by sitting on the board of Hershey Foods, acting as senior advisor to Boston Consulting Group (BCG), and serving as the chairman of the board of the American Marketing Association.





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Measured Thoughts:  Rob Malcolm, CMO, Diageo_Feb_2008 Rob Malcom, former CMO of Diageo presenting the WHAT of effective global brands Hangout with Rob Malcolm and Peter Sieyes


Education (1)

University of Southern California - Marshall School of Business: BS and MBA, Marketing 1975

Media Appearances (16)

McCombs million-dollar investor takes fresh look at marketing

Daily Texan  online


Robert Malcolm, executive in residence at the McCombs School of Business, recently donated $1 million to the marketing department to help fund new research and technological techniques.

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Marketing Exec Donates $1M To UT-Austin McCombs School Of Business

Patch.com  online


Influential marketing executive Robert Malcolm has made a $1 million donation to the McCombs School of Business at The University of Texas at Austin to establish an endowed chair in marketing innovation, school officials announced.

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UT's McCombs School to Create New Position with $1M Gift From Longtime Marketing Executive

Austin Business Journal  online


Robert Malcolm, a longtime marketing executive who now nurtures entrepreneurs as an angel investor and mentor, has given $1 million to his employer, the University of Texas at Austin.

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Great Advertising Is Both Local and Global

Harvard Business Review  online


One solution to [the tension between global advertising and local idiosyncrasies] is to pursue what we call glocal advertising strategy — locally adapting a universally embraced core idea that will resonate in any market anywhere in the world.

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Johnnie Walker: Execution Counts As Much As Strategy

The Brand Gym Blog  online


Rob Malcolm and his global marketing team at Diageo were able to go from 27 different advertising campaigns for Johnnie Walker down to one, a feat that many global brand folk can only dream about.

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"Think Local, Act Global" Guides Diageo's Brand Management

Admap  online


[Requires Registration] The article describes how Diageo manages global brand marketing. The 1990s trend to look for single global solutions changed after the millennium, as consumers began to rebel against globalisation; the trend swung towards `thinking local’, but this can lead to complexity and fragmentation.

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Share Results That Matter - Good and Bad

Chapter Mention: Secrets of the Marketing Masters  print


Highlight of Malcolm's brand lecture to the British Brands Group, and his defense of marketing as a scientifically rigorous discipline.

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Create a Common Global Brand-Building Process

Chapter Mention: The Global Brand: How to Create and Develop Lasting Brand Value in the World  print


Highlight of Malcolm's work as CMO of Diageo global brand teams.

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A Place They Can Call Their Own

Ad Age  print


Twice a year, Rob Malcolm, Diageo's president-marketing, sales and innovation, heads off to a meeting with 20 to 30 other chief marketing officers and no customers, no vendors, no one else from his company. The following day, he returns to the office, sits down with his top leaders and passes on four or five "really valuable things" he learned. The cost: $50,000.

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Dave Reibstein Video Interview With Rob Malcolm CMO

Measured Thoughts, Wharton School of Business  online


Rob Malcolm, President, Global Marketing, Sales and Innovation for Diageo, sits down with Dave Reibstein for this installment of Measured Thoughts. Malcolm discusses the marketing of many well known global brands used by consumers to mark big events in their lives and brighten small ones.

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A Dialogue on Marketing Measurement

MarketingNPV Journal  print


Recap of interview with Dave Reibstein of the Wharton School.

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Whisky to Show Off at £50 a Shot

The Telegraph  online


Rob Malcolm, president of the maker, Diageo, said: "There's a newly affluent class of bankers and successful businessmen who are looking for something with status and maybe looking to show off."

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Interview: Rob Malcolm

Magnosticism  online


The 13 books of the Diageo Way of Brand Building are done simply and visually, but they encompass a very thorough set of tools and practices and beliefs and language. This allows us to approach the science and the art of building brands with a common framework and structure.

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CMO View: Earning Trust With The Board

Sidebar Article: Marketing by the Dashboard Light  print


"I knew we were on our way to building trust by the reaction of the CEO when I first put two imperfect scorecards that looked like this on the table and he said, 'This is the most honest and transparent presentation I have ever seen for marketing and I really do trust that you are on track to making the progress we need.'"

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Diageo's Rob Malcolm and the bn [Pounds Sterling] Bevvies

Brand Strategy  online


With his global remit, across 180 markets, Malcolm spends more than half his time travelling and is rarely in London for a whole week. Higher up his list of priorities is how and where he should spend Diageo's mammoth 1bn [pounds sterling] annual marketing budget.

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Inside Diageo's Lab

Forbes  print


Diageo’s secure Innovation Center in an industrial park 90 minutes outside of London is run by two men who look as if they stepped out of the New Economy: Rob Malcolm and Steve Wilson dress in the obligatory chino pants and casual shirts with the sleeves rolled up, their hair tousled.

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Sample Talks (5)

Build a High Performance Marketing Organization

How to build and embed a world class, sustainable marketing capability discipline in your organization.

Building Global Brands

Drawing on the successes of Procter and Gamble, Diageo and others – how to build successful global brands, taking into account both the “what” and “how” of successful brands and organizations.

The CMO of the Future

In the face of unprecedented change and challenges what do today’s CMO’s need to do to successfully lead their marketing performance and development of their marketing organizations.

Resource Allocation and Marketing ROI

Given all the choices about how to spend marketing dollars and the pressure on delivering ROI, how does the marketer develop a framework that increases the odds that they are spending their money on the highest value activities.

Insights That Transform

How do marketers develop insights that lead to transformational results for their businesses. Most companies are placing emphasis and resources on “insights” but few have mastered the process of routinely finding the “most penetrating discovery of consumer motivation that ignites growth”.