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Rob Moore - University of Florida. Gainesville, FL, US

Rob Moore

Assistant Professor | University of Florida

Gainesville, FL, UNITED STATES

Rob Moore analyzes digital learning ecologies, such as massive open online courses, to identify innovative ways to improve learner outcomes.


Rob Moore is an assistant professor of educational technology at the University of Florida in the School of Teaching and Learning and the director of the IDEATE Lab in the Institute for Advanced Learning Technologies. His scholarship analyzes digital learning ecologies, focusing on massive open online courses to identify innovative ways to improve learner outcomes. He is particularly interested in leveraging learning analytics to identify patterns in student behavior that can inform learning design. Rob also is co-principal investigator for the NSF-funded Learning Analytics in STEM Education Research Institute (LASER).

Areas of Expertise (8)

Machine Learning

STEM Education

Digital Learning Ecologies

Adult Education

Massive Open Online Courses

Virtual Reality

Advanced Learning Technologies

Artificial Intelligence

Media Appearances (2)

LASER Institute Scholars Gather for First In-Person Workshop for Learning, Community and Collaboration

NC State University  online


Shark lovers across the country are celebrating Discovery’s Shark Week this week, but scholars from the Learning Analytics in STEM Education Research (LASER) Institute celebrated their own shark week July 11-15 during the LASER Institute’s first in-person weeklong summer workshop at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation.

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Research Spotlight: Rob Moore

UF College of Education  online

Rob Moore talks about what he researchers, why it matters and current projects.

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Articles (3)

Introducing mesocredentials: Connecting MOOC achievement with academic credit

Distance Education

Robert L. Moore


In this paper, I introduce a new term to the online learning lexicon, mesocredentials, an emerging and transformative approach to integrating massive open online courses (MOOCs) within the higher education system. A mesocredential connects MOOC achievement with academic credit applied to a traditional academic degree. I distinguish mesocredentials from microcredentials based on four requirements: accreditation, delivery modality, academic credit and flexibility. Through the lens of chaos theory, I explore why mesocredentials are transformative and identify ways they can support adult learners.

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Exploring Student Perceptions of Flipgrid in Online Courses

Online Learning

Patrick R. Lowenthal and Robert L. Moore


Asynchronous video-based discussions have affordances that can address some of the constraints of asynchronous text-based discussions. However, little research has been conducted on the use of asynchronous video-based discussions in online courses. As a result, the purpose of this exploratory study was to investigate students’ perceptions of using Flipgrid for asynchronous video-based discussions in fully online courses. We used a cross-sectional survey design to survey 79 students who used Flipgrid in a fully online course.

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Developing lifelong learning with heutagogy: contexts, critiques and challenges

Distance Education

Robert L. Moore


This systematic review investigated the contexts, critiques and challenges of using heutagogy (Hase & Kenyon, 2000), an emerging instructional approach that emphasizes the self-determination of learners, to develop lifelong learners. A total of 33 peer-reviewed publications published between 2000 and 2019 were aggregated and synthesized, and findings explored the role that technology played in supporting the heutagogical approach and learning environments and contexts that have used heutagogy. The review concludes with the critiques and challenges of the heutagogical approach.

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