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Robbin Phillips - . Greenville, SC, US

Robbin Phillips

Courageous President


The Firestarter! Putting a match to word-of-mouth marketing campaigns that ignite a sustainable movement of brand identity & loyal support



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Robbin Phillips gets out of bed each morning inspired by a single-minded focus: to make a positive, meaningful change in the world.

As one of the founders and Courageous President of Brains on Fire, Robbin has recruited a highly talented team of kindred spirits committed to the belief that marketing has the power to truly touch lives. Having begun her career as a graphic designer, Robbin remains involved in the creative development of client identities, while tapping into her keen business sense to facilitate strategy.

During Robbin’s tenure, Brains on Fire has received numerous national awards including a GOLD EFFIE and the Word of Mouth Marketing Association’s WOMMIE Award. As co-author of the book Brains on Fire; Igniting Powerful Sustainable World of Mouth Movements, and a highly sought-after presenter, Robbin frequently hits the road to speak at conferences and private events around the country. She has shared her insights on word of mouth marketing with groups big and small, including the Word of Mouth Marketing Association and the Association of National Advertisers.

Inspired by the power of purpose, passion and people, Robbin and her team rally daily to deliver innovative, impactful solutions that elevate and celebrate a diverse range of clients including Love146, Foundation Recovery Network, Bon Secours St. Francis Health System, BMW, DeVry University, GreenDot Public Schools, Fiskars Brands, Perception Kayaks, Ryobi Tools, Colonial Williamsburg, the National Center for Family Literacy and Best Buy.

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Direct Marketing


Public Relations and Communications

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Marketing Public Relations

Creating Movements

Branding and Identity

Content Development & Management

Community Management and Word of Mouth Marketing

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Social Media Marketing

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Courageous President – Brains on Fire (professional)

Brains on Fire helps organizations build movements. Born out of the bond between word of mouth marketing and identity development, we are devoted to helping organizations discover and sustain excitement about who they are and why they exist. Our process isn’t about creating a presentation. Or creative for the sake of being creative. It’s about building a movement. We create fans rather than customers.

Co-Author – Brains on Fire: Igniting Powerful, Sustainable, Word of Mouth Movements (professional)


Brains on Fire offers original, practical and actionable steps for creating a word-of-mouth movement for corporations, products, services, and organizations. Featuring ten lessons you can start building on today, it takes you step by step through lessons the authors have learned on how to inspire excitement and engage the customers and other stakeholders who will advocate for you. Brains on Fire gives you the keys to building long-term momentum, both online and offline.

Recipient – Cause Marketing Award (Gold) (professional)

At the 2011 WOMMY Awards, the Brains on Fire team received the Gold Cause Marketing Award for Wonderopolis: Inspiring a New Literacy and Learning Experience. The WOMMY Awards celebrate the most effective campaigns in word of mouth marketing. The Cause Marketing Award celebrates the best use of integrated digital marketing focused on the use of digital media (e.g. social networking sites, viral video, blogs, mobile, etc.) as a tactic to advance a cause marketing initiative.

Member – 2010 REBRAND 100 Jury Panel (professional)

REBRAND is the leading global resource for case studies on effective brand transformations: the repositioning, revitalizing and redesign of existing brand assets to meet business goals. REBRAND 100 Global Awards is the first and most respected recognition for repositioned brands. The REBRAND 100 jury panel is a multidisciplinary mix of prominent, international, industry experts.

Board of Trustees – Peace Center for the Performing Arts (personal)

Located in downtown Greenville, South Carolina, the Peace Center is one of the premier performing arts venues in the southeast! The Peace Center presents the world's finest performers, provides arts education and outreach, and supports local arts organizations. These efforts further cultural advancement, arts appreciation, and the economic development of South Carolina.

Testimonials (1)

Megan Merry, Professional Development Chair | IABC Omaha

"Robbin's presentation was incredibly inspiring and left attendees thinking big. She did an excellent job setting up stories, building a case of how to engage with an audience and how to have them work as natural brand ambassadors."

Event Appearances (10)

KEYNOTE SPEECH: Lessons Learned in Word of Mouth Movements

Hoosier Hospitality Conference  Bloomington, Indiana


How “Talkable” is your Restaurant?

Hoosier Hospitality Conference  Bloomington, Indiana


Marketing for Non-Profits

American Advertising Federation Asheville Speaker Series  Asheville, North Carolina


Using Social Media for Job Search

NetworkBash Excite  Clemson University, South Carolina


KEYNOTE SPEECH: Igniting Movements

Northern Indiana Business and Technology Expo  Winona Lake, Indiana


How to Spark Creativity and Passion

Clemson at the Falls Leadership Summit  Greenville, South Carolina


Communicating Information Across the Upstate

Ten at the Top Upstate Vision Forum 2012  Greer, South Carolina


The Future of Customer Experience

CXPA Members Insight Exchange  Boston, Massachusetts


Getting to the Bottom Line: Is WOM Worth it? And What Exactly is it Worth?

WOMMA Talkable Brands Exchange  Chicago, Illinois


Increasing the Bottom Line through Online and Word of Mouth Communication

Crittenden Golf Conference  Dallas, Texas


Sample Talks (5)

Lessons Learned in Word of Mouth Movements

Authentic, sustainable word of mouth marketing is one of the truest forms of brand communication, and it can’t be manufactured or bought. Robbin will explain how word of mouth marketing works and how it doesn’t, providing techniques on how you can start to identify movement-building opportunities for your brand, with authenticity and clear measurement results in mind. Robbin will reveal how to ignite powerful and sustainable word-of-mouth movements that are a “win-win” for customers & business.

How “Talkable” is your Restaurant?

Unlike the latest shiny new media tool, or app of the day, true word of mouth marketing is based on real relationships between company and consumer. These real relationships foster natural word of mouth movements – and can be the basis for people becoming loyal, repeat customers who share information on your restaurant’s behalf. Robbin Phillips from Brains on Fire will show you how to see every single aspect of your business as an opportunity to make your restaurant more “talkable.”

Five Things Start-Ups Can Learn From Not-for-Profits

There is huge value shift in America. With the layoffs of the last few years, there really is no such thing as a secure job. Everyone is re-evaluating what they are doing. And whom they're doing it for. We want to work with our values front and center. This is huge opportunity for everyone; companies, start ups and individuals. Robbin will explain what start-ups can learn from non-profits, including wearing your passion on your sleeve and empowering & inspiring customers to tell your story.

Love the People Who Love You

So, you've taken the plunge and started your own company. You can't exist without customers. So, what if you stopped thinking about customers as customers? What if you started thinking about them as your best friends? What if you and your staff woke up every single day looking for ways to lift them up? To inspire them. What if you started thinking of ways to have a conversation with your company's very best friends? Join Robbin as she outlines how to turn your customers into your advocates.

The Passion Conversation: Understanding, Sparking and Sustaining Word of Mouth Marketing

The new world of marketing is personal. Understanding passion provides actionable insights that empower marketers to authentically connect with the people who love their brands. These relationships and conversations lead to sharing, because they put people, not the brand, first. In this session Geno will share lessons from Brains on Fire's new book, The Passion Conversation, exploring how passion compels brands to go above and beyond and inspires customers to talk, share and connect.


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