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Robert Masson Robert Masson

Senior Technologist | EMC


Senior Technologist, Office of the CTO, EMC



Working on the edge of advanced technologies and understanding new trends as they emerge is the focus in my work. Whether it is exploring an opportunity with the Advanced Development Team or working with a University Researcher on their field of study I am immersed in technologies with many unknowns, a high degree of risk and that challenge the paradigm currently in place. It is a role that is highly unstructured at times, very dynamic and incredibly fun! I work with CTO's, CEOs, Professors, Inventors, Technologists, and frankly amazing people.

Industry Expertise (3)

Computer Software

Information Technology and Services

Toys / Games

Areas of Expertise (3)

Web Services

Cloud Computing


Accomplishments (1)

Director or Reserach (professional)


Director of R&D for EMC Research Cambridgwe

Education (4)

Worchester Polytechnic Institute: 2011

University of New Brunswick: BSc, Computer Science 1990

University of New Brunswick: Bachelor of Science (CS), Computer Science 1990

Worchester Polytechnic Institute: Masters in Science, Technology Leadership

Enrolled for Graduation in 2015 but had to drop out of program after first semester.. Completed Leadership course with an A

Affiliations (1)

  • Greater Boston Grogs ( )

Sample Talks (1)

Innovation Singularity

New advances in how we build software, how we fund those efforts and how we reach our customers has lead to a rapid increse in how quickly we can create, release and grow a new idea. This talk delivered to the Hult International School of Business at their Spring TEDx talk in Cambridge MA discusses the implications of these changes and the opportunities it presents to the next generation of enrepreneurs.



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