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Robert Murray - Centre for Business and Social Entrepreneurship. Guelph, ON, CA

Robert Murray

Mentor | CBASE | Intrigue Media

Guelph, ON, CANADA

Rob is the co-founder of Intrigue Media and he is a marketing and sales expert.




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Robert Murray co-founded Intrigue Media, a Digital Advertising and Marketing Firm, in 2006 with his business partner Paul DeMarco.
Robert currently serves as the Vice President of Marketing and Sales. Intrigue Media has created a Private Television Network for local and regional businesses to connect with local consumers and they compliment that with other tactical and strategic online marketing services. Intrigue Media has 8 locations across Southern Ontario and is looking for franchise partners to expand throughout the province.
Robert Murray has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Guelph and was named one of Guelph's top 40 under 40 in business.

Industry Expertise (3)


Social Media


Areas of Expertise (9)


Marketing Strategy

Strategic Planning

Public Speaking

Customer Service


Online Marketing

Sales Management


Accomplishments (1)

40 Under 40 (professional)


Awarded by The Guelph Mercury. The 40 under 40 is designed to recognize young community leaders and involvement.

Education (1)

University of Guelph: B.Comm., Tourism Management 2009

Affiliations (2)

  • Guelph Young Professionals Network : Steering Committee Member
  • Foundation of Guelph General Hospital : Board Member

Media Appearances (4)

5 Techniques for finding your 'A' Clients

Intrigue Media  online


When we refer to ‘A’ clients we mean Awesome clients. You know the ones. These are the people that love what you do. Talk about you to others, never negotiate your price and fully understand the value you bring to them. They are awesome to deal with, they pay on time and are always happy when they deal with you...

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Community Relevance in Marketing

Intrigue Media  online


At Intrigue Media, we believe in building community by helping organizations get noticed and found locally. As we meet with organizations to better understand if we are able to help them grow their business we are always looking for people that want to connect with their community. When we met with The Ostic Group, it was very evident that their community was very important when it came to how they run their business...

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Marketing & Community - Are they made for each other?

Intrigue Media  online


Globalization and digitization are changing the landscape in which we live our lives and operate our day to day. I can use a website like and have someone from around the world produce a 3D logo for $5. The world is getting larger, smaller, and more accessible every day. Digital environments are keeping children and people of all ages glued to a screen. Some of us might even shake our head at the lack personal attention people are giving people in real world environments today. But, even with these trends and tools, the human condition for connectedness remains. People are searching for communities that they can be a part of...

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Interview with a CEO : Rob Murray - CoFounder of Intrigue Media  online


As co-founder of Intrigue Media, Rob Murray believes in giving back to the community. Rob actively shares his expertise in marketing and business in several community ventures...

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