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Robert von Kampen PhD - Pi Thai Consulting. Bangkok, , TH

Robert von Kampen PhD Robert von Kampen PhD

ASEAN Member Consultant | Pi Thai Consulting


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Intelligent. Conscientious. ISTJ. Creative.

Dr. von Kampen is an expert in Human Resources, Education, Executive Leadership and Problem Solving Behaviors in the Workplace.

Industry Expertise (6)

Human Resources

Construction - Commercial



Computer Software

Corporate Leadership

Areas of Expertise (7)


Human Resources




Problem Solving

Hr Liability

Accomplishments (1)

Data Mining (professional)


Beverly Hills. Key West. Manhattan. Columbia S.C. Denver. Atlanta. D.C. San Francisco. Chicago. Miami. Minneapolis. Aspen.

Education (5)

Walden University: Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Professional Psychology [dual specialization Industrial-Organizational and Clinical] 2004

Doctoral Dissertation: "The relation of cognitive ability and personality traits to 360-degree assessments of problem-solving behaviors in the workplace".

American University of Paris: Economics 1977

Paris, France

John F. Kennedy University: Master's Degree, Clinical Psychology 1994

Bonn American High School: 1975

Bonn, Germany.

UCLA: Bachelor's Degree, Economics 1979

Affiliations (1)

  • Psi Chi - National Honor Society

Languages (4)

  • English
  • German
  • French
  • Indonesian

Testimonials (2)

Lauren Wood, PhD, LP, RN, Director |

“Robert is the most informed and up-to-date executive with whom I have ever worked. He keeps his ear to the ground to ensure that the product is delivered on time and to specifications. He also keeps up with the latest information in the testing industry and in the business world at large. This knowledge can help organizations prepare for future challenges and manage these challenges--or even thrive because the company is ready to meet the challenges head-on. Rob also keeps up with current hardware and software opportunities to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of the team, his colleagues, and the company at large. Beyond that, Rob is a great colleague--fun to have around, great with clients, and quick-witted"

Susan Davis-Ali, Ph.D., President |

“I hired Rob for his strong communication skills and knowledge of test development. Rob makes a great first impression and is someone I was always happy to send out to meet with clients. He is extremely detail oriented and has a strong technical background - which are important assets in the testing industry. Rob understands for-profit business, makes solid, ethical business decisions, and is someone who is a lot of fun to work with.”

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Education + Constructivism  Bangkok, Thailand




  • Keynote
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  • Workshop Leader
  • Host/MC
  • Corporate Training


3000 to 3000

Partnerships (1)

ASEAN Consultant

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN. ASEAN


The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN, was established on 8 August 1967 in Bangkok, Thailand, with the signing of the ASEAN Declaration (Bangkok Declaration) by the Founding Fathers of ASEAN, namely Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand. Brunei Darussalam then joined on 7 January 1984, Viet Nam on 28 July 1995, Lao PDR and Myanmar on 23 July 1997, and Cambodia on 30 April 1999, making up what is today the ten Member States of ASEAN.

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Articles (1)

The relationship of cognitive ability and personality traits to 360 degree assessments of problem solving behaviors in the workplace.



The relation of cognitive ability and personality traits to 360-degree assessments of problem-solving behaviors in the workplace PhD Dissertation Walden University 177 (2004) Robert G von Kampen PhD This study problem-solving behaviors. A 360-degree assessment refers to an assessment survey in which the person being assessed, or ratee, is evaluated by the ratee's colleagues, which can include peers, subordinates, and supervisors. There are no known studies of how 360-degree measures of observed problem-solving behaviors relate to predictive measures of cognitive ability and personality. The design of this study was correlational and used ex post facto archival data (N = 123). Data included anonymous results from personality, ability, and 360-degree assessment instruments. Statistically significant correlations between the instrument data were identified toward analysis and discussion. The overall pattern of the 360-degree assessment of problem-solving behaviors correlated to the general mental ability instruments and clearly favored verbal aptitudes, and seemed to favor the social, responsible, tolerant, extroverted, and conforming aspects of measured personality. The data suggest caution when using 360-degree assessment instruments for purposes other than feedback. Treatment implications logically follow for intelligent but introverted or dominating individuals who wish to be perceived as good problem-solving performers in a social setting. Keywords: Cognitive ability, Occupational psychology, Personality, Problem-solving, Psychology, Psychotherapy, Three hundred 60-degree assessment. compared cognitive ability and personality traits with 360-degree measurements. Dissertation Copyright 2014 Robert G von Kampen PhD

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