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Robin Elliott Robin Elliott

President, Elliott Enterprises Inc. | Leverage Advantage

Vancouver, BC, CANADA

Teaching Small Business Owners to Boost Sales and Profits with Joint Ventures for 25 Years



Robin J. Elliott has taught small small business owensrs how to supercharge their sales and profits with no cost or risk through the use of leverage / Joint Ventures for 25 years. 70 different industries, 3 continents, vast experience.

Entertaining speaker, has spoken for Redken, Johnson and Johnson, Wella, Atlas Aircraft Corporation, Fast Track to Cash Flow, Chambers of Commerce, Royal Bank of Canada, and many more.

Audience always gets specific ideas that they can take away and use immediately. Robin is bottom line oriented, to the point, and available after the talk via email to his audiences. 90 - 95% of his income is from Joint Ventures - he practices what he preaches.

Married for 26 years to Rika Elliott, originally South African, immigrated to Canada in 1997, 4 children, 6 grandchildren.

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