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Robin Joshua - CAA Club Group. Mississauga, ON, CA

Robin Joshua

President, Echelon Insurance | CAA Club Group

Mississauga, ON, CANADA

Seasoned professional with 30 plus years experience in personal and commercial P&C insurance.





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A seasoned insurance professional, Robin’s experience spans a wide variety of disciplines over the last 30 plus years in the P&C insurance industry, in Personal lines as well as Commercial lines.

Robin has held senior management positions contributing to growth and profitability of three P&C insurance organizations, including leadership roles in underwriting, operations, finance and distribution. Robin joined CAA in May 2011. Leading various areas including Underwriting, Business Development and Risk Management for both CAA Insurance and Orion Insurance. In August 2019 he was appointed to the role of President of Echelon, a leading specialty insurer.

He has a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and holds designations as a Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional (FCIP) and Canadian Risk Manager (CRM).

Industry Expertise (1)


Areas of Expertise (3)

Risk Management

Underwriting Insurance

Property & Casualty Insurance

Education (3)

University of Toronto: Fellow Chartered Insurance Professional (FCIP), Insurance Management 2009

Insurance Institute: Chartered Insurance Professional (CIP), Insurance 1990

University of Waterloo: Bachelor of Mathematics, Mathematics/ Business 1982

Media Appearances (9)

Digital-only for P&C consumers after the pandemic? Not so fast…

Canadian Underwriter  online


Some consumers choose their insurance through national brand names, and some like to shop around, “but the biggest portion of Canada is still the ones that need help and advice because insurance is complicated,” said Robin Joshua, president at Echelon Insurance.

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How the industry is addressing service level challenges

Canadian Underwriter  online


“We want to manage the service the consumer gets,” said Robin Joshua, president at Echelon Insurance. “Our claims were [outsourced] and we started bringing it in last year, and it’s now being internalized.” “We made the decision many years ago to insource all of our claims,” said Paul Stone, vice president of personal insurance, sales distribution and marketing at Travelers. “I think that it’s important to control the process and ensure the level of customer service your customers require.” Replacing outdated legacy systems is also crucial to speeding up customer-broker interactions. “We are completely revamping all our technology. We have some legacy systems that need to be replaced,” said Joshua. “Having good, modern technology is really important,” and updated BMS systems help from an efficiency standpoint by reducing manual and time-consuming work, he suggests.

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Echelon Insurance to serve as national sponsor of WICC

Insurance Business Magazine  online


“We are very proud to announce that we’ve become a National Sponsor with WICC. We chose to partner with WICC because we truly believe in the work they do to further cancer research, awareness, and education,” said Echelon Insurance president Robin Joshua. Joshua said that WICC is an organization that is “making a real difference in the lives of Canadians across the country,” noting that Echelon has supported many of WICC’s efforts in the past. The president prefaced that the company is excited to continue contributing to WICC’s mission in the years ahead.

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Hospitality insurance has skyrocketed, putting pressure on already struggling hotels

CBC  online


For companies like Echelon Insurance, the problem presents an opportunity. In the fall the company expanded its commercial insurance offerings for small and medium-sized hospitality businesses in Ontario and as of Jan. 1, it has made those available to companies across Canada. "We are definitely hearing the noise from some businesses and brokers, which tells us that there's a need for this particular coverage because there's a gap in the industry," said Echelon Insurance president Robin Joshua.

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Echelon Insurance expands commercial insurance to hospitality businesses

Insurance Business Magazine  online


Echelon will provide up to $5 million in property and $5 million in liability coverage to small and mid-sized businesses in the hospitality sector. These businesses include family and fine dining restaurants, hotels and motels, including bed & breakfasts, banquet halls, and select pubs, bars, and lounges. "We've heard the frustrations of business owners in the hospitality sector, and Echelon is responding to their needs by expanding the pool of choices businesses have when it comes to choosing the right insurance coverage for them," said Echelon Insurance president Robin Joshua. "While we're seeing other insurers retract from the hospitality industry, Echelon is stepping in and extending our insurance offering to provide hospitality business owners a reliable option during these uncertain times."

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This Canadian insurer may want to cover your hospitality clients

Canadian Underwriter  online


“We have underwriters who know this business,” Joshua said of the restaurant, hotel and banquet hall sectors. “Some of these small and medium-sized businesses are having difficulty finding insurance and in some cases there is an affordability issue where the price is being jacked up dramatically by various companies.” Joshua said Echelon Insurance underwriters will assess a client’s risk in order to quote a price that is reasonable and fair. If you have clients in the hospitality sector, an insurer such as Echelon will look at four areas of risk, Joshua said. Those are the construction of the building, occupancy (such as a banquet hall or fine dining restaurant for example), protection (against hazards such as fire and water) and the environment that the business is in. Echelon Insurance was already providing restaurant and hotel coverage when CAA acquired Echelon Insurance from Echelon Financial. “We decided to re-launch [commercial hospitality coverage] with a focus on those small and medium-sized businesses, specifically in a small number of categories that are really struggling today,” Joshua said.

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Insurance-Canada.ca Technology Awards Name CAA Insurance and Octo Telematics Best Technology Provider

Insurance Canada  online


“We recognized the value that a partnership with an industry pioneer like Octo Telematics would bring to our solution and it’s nice that industry leaders have recognized their contribution to our success,” said Robin Joshua, vice president, CAA Insurance.

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“The world is coming in through the brokerage to CAA” – VP

Insurance Business Magazine  online


“Auto insurance is interesting because it cycles throughout the country – things that happen in one place happen in another eventually. What’s happening in the Atlantic now is what’s happening in other places – costs are rising, and insurance is becoming less affordable and the availability has become a bit of an issue,” said Robin Joshua, vice president of insurance at CAA Insurance.

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Every move you make: Privacy expert wary as insurers track drivers

Global News  online


In the Canadian Automobile Association’s program, drivers get a five per cent discount when they sign up, and up to a 15 per cent discount if they renew, senior official Robin Joshua wrote in an e-mailed response to questions. They may qualify for further discounts, based on reports from their boxes.

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