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Rockney G. Walters - Indiana University, Kelley School of Business. Bloomington, IN, US

Rockney G. Walters Rockney G. Walters

Professor of Marketing | Indiana University, Kelley School of Business

Bloomington, IN, UNITED STATES

Professor Walters researches pricing and promotion in B2B firms





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Accomplishments (5)

MBA Distinguished Teaching Award (professional)


SKKU Teaching Excellence Award (professional)


MBA Professor of the Year Award (professional)


MBA Distinguished Teaching Award (professional)


Indiana University Trustee Teaching Award (professional)


Education (3)

Purdue University: Ph.D., Marketing & Econometrics 1984

University of Kansas: MBA, Business Administration 1977

University of Florida: B.A.Sc., Undergraduate Studies 1975

Media Appearances (1)

Focusing on Practical Teaching

The Korea Times  online


Rockney Walters, a marketing professor from Kelley School of Business at Indiana University (IU), said he works with many companies to learn about their issues and problems so that he can help his students from his accumulated experience. "When you work with many different companies, you learn about their issues, problems and solutions. I take information back to the classroom to help all my students," Walters said in a recent interview with The Korea Times...

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Event Appearances (4)

The Proof of the Pudding is in the Eating: Measuring the Effects of Category Management

Recent Advances in Retailer and Services Science  Telfs, Austria, June 1996

An Empirical Investigation into the Impact of Sales Promotion on Manufacturer Profit

Educators' Conference Proceedings  Chicago, IL., 1989

Logit and Probit Transformations: Techniques for Market Segmentation

Cultural and Subcultural Developments in Marketing  Chicago, IL., 1987

Cross Cultural Comparison of Price Deal Effects: An Empirical Analysis

Second Symposium on Cross Cultural Consumer and Business Studies  Chicago, IL, 1987

Research Grants (5)

Faculty Fellowship

Ford Motor Company 

2001 to 2007

Summer Research Grant

An Empirical Study of the Impact of Category Management on Product Category Performance 

1996 (Competitive)

Teaching Development Grant



Summer Research Grant

Product Category Management: The Role of Promotional Frequency and Magnitude on Product Category Sales and Profit 


Summer Research Grant

Measuring the Effects of Retail Price Promotion on Variability in Product Category Sales and Profit 

1992 (Competitive)

Articles (5)

Consumer Responses to Characteristics of Price-Matching Guarantees: The Moderating Role of Price Consciousness

Journal of Retailing

2007 The present study develops and tests a conceptual model of consumer response to different types of price-matching characteristics (i.e., refund depth, length, and scope) across consumer segments with varying levels of price consciousness. A computer shopping simulation results show that a deep refund is interpreted as a signal of low prices by nonprice conscious consumers...

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Consumer Perceptions of Refund Depth and Competitive Scope in Price-Matching Guarantees: Effects on Store Patronage

Journal of Retailing

2003 The study investigates the effect of two characteristics of price-matching guarantees—the depth of refund offer and the scope of competitors eligible for price matching—on consumer perceptions of price-matching guarantee believability and value and consumer intentions to patronize the retailer...

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Exploring the Relationships Between Shopping Trip Type, Purchases of Products on Promotion and Shopping Basket Profit

Journal of Business Research

2003 How different types of shopping trips influence consumer search and purchase behavior has long been of interest to marketing practitioners and scholars. The reliance of retailers on price specials to influence economic performance means gaining knowledge about linkages between shopping trip type and the consumer response to price specials is important...

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Measuring Cross-Category Specials Purchasing: Theory, Empirical Results, and Implications

Journal of Market-Focused Management

2002 The typical Hi-Lo grocery retailer offers consumers thousands of price specials each week to build traffic and influence economic performance. Retailer reliance on price specials may engender heavy cross-category specials purchasing by shoppers. Retailers contend that high cross-category specials purchasing can damage profitability because many of the specials presented to consumers have reduced gross margins...

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The Impact of Category Management on Retailer Prices and Performance: Theory and Evidence

Journal of Marketing

2001 Category management (CM) is a recent retail management initiative that aims at improving a retailer's overall performance in a product category through more coordinated buying, merchandising, and pricing of the brands in the category than in the past. Despite tremendous retailer and manufacturer interest in the process of CM and its rapid adoption in the industry, much uncertainty exists about the consequences of CM for channel members. The present study focuses on how a shift to CM by a retailer affects its equilibrium prices, sales, and profitability in a competitive retail setting...

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