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Roelf Woldring - Elora, ON, CA

Roelf Woldring

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E-Learning Champion, Performance Contracting Champion, E-Author, Entrepreneur, Workplace Psychology Expert



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My core business passions:

1. forward looking performance contracting as the way to engage talented staff and align their performance from the C-Level to the individual contributor level of the organization.

2.e-learning as a means to transform parts of education and professional development. Incorporating simulations and videos through the use of game development software engines to increase the power of e-learning beyond "know that" to "know how to" and "know why" content.

3. new search, recruiting and on-boarding techniques to find and to engage the talent that innovative organizations need to thrive at a time when great talent is not looking for new jobs.

I have been a:

- strategic organization change facilitator,
- major organization change strategist and leader,
- agile and traditional software development project / program leader,
- complex people, process and tooling problem solving consultant to large and small organizations.

I know what it takes to make dramatic change in organizations. I know engage the talented people who work there in the change program, so that they can do their best.

When working at the C-Level, I am a corporate renovator. To turn around an organization in trouble, or lead it to achieve dramatic (10x) growth, I select key insiders and bring in needed contract and new staff talent. I blend these people into a synergistic team. Together, we make the change required in short, realistic time frames.

My graduate training in organizational psychology, combined with my experience as an IT executive and organizational change leader give me a unique insight into the talent management challenges of today's innovative organizations

I author books, voice over presentations, videos, and papers on workplace psychology, management and social topics. I love life long learning, as an educator and as a student.

Industry Expertise (5)

Corporate Leadership

Talent Management


Information Technology and Services

Human Resources

Areas of Expertise (3)

Talent Management

Innovation in Hr

Changing Hr

Accomplishments (1)

A successful executive and consulting career (professional)

My Linked In profile lays out the details. I started as an office boy and ended up as a CIO / organization turnaround leader. But I personally think that the most lasting accomplishment I have is the direct reports that I mentored / developed who went onto successful careers of their own.

Education (2)

Henley Management College: DBA - All but dissertation, Management 2001

Distance education program. I left without completing research dissertation, after had gained large personal and business benefit from exposure to current research in management while consulting and handling executive roles. The time demands of an executive career simply made it impossible to complete the research work needed for the dissertation.

University of Massiachusetts, Amherst: PHD (All but dissertation), Organization Behavior / Theory 1980

I entered this program on a full time basis after completing my undergraduate education as an evening student while working full time for 15 years. I developed an on-going interest in staying up to date with management research as a result. I was invited back into a full time executive position before the writing of my dissertation. The research work itself profiled the internal dynamics of a senior executive team using multidimensional scaling and cluster analysis.

Affiliations (1)

  • Chair, Working Committee, Kitchener Waterloo Entrepreneurs

Event Appearances (2)

Decisions, Decisions ...

Ignite Waterloo  Waterloo, Ontario


Too many to list

Staff inspiration, event kick off, organizational change ....   Always inside organizations as a leader of others

Sample Talks (4)

Performance Appraisal is Dead, Long Live Performance Contracting

Backward looking, performance appraisal demotivates and dis-engages employees, how forward looking performance contracting does exactly the opposite. Organizations that need to be excellent in order to thrive simply cannot ignore the facts. Performance appraisal does little to nothing to engage and inspire people to perform. Performance contracting does exactly that. More information is available from my book: "Performance Appraisal is Dead, Long Live Performance Contracting".

Innovative Organizes Must Innovate The Way They Recruit

Traditional recruiting practices simply don't cut it if your organization is truly innovative. Job description based recruiting and the myriad of "word based search algorithms" that are the core of today's recruiting practices are guaranteed to keep you from finding talented individuals who can deliver in an innovation organization. But there are better ways. Performance based recruiting is the start. "Recruiting and Innovation" in my voice overs shows you what this is about.

Learning Organization, Work Flow and Information Technology

People can deal with only so much change when working for an organization. Information technology professionals update the automated business applications which so many organizations now depend on all the time. These two dynamics contradict one another. Executives need to sort out how to make them work together if organizations are going to be solid places to work in future. The voice over presentation "Learning Organizations, Work Flow and IT" deals with the content of this talk.

Go Total Talent Management or Go Bust

"The World is Changing", according to Cate Blanchett in the beginning of the first DVD in the Lord of the Rings series. The Baby Boomers are almost gone out the workplace. Competition for talent will get real after almost 40 years in which there was enough to go around. Organizations will either change they way they manage talented professionals or suffer. See for more on the content of this talk.



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