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Roland  Kielbasiewicz - Innovative Solutions Inc.. Toronto, ON, CA

Roland Kielbasiewicz

Innovative Solutions Inc.

Toronto, ON, CANADA

Be a Catalyist for Change



Throughout various leadership roles, Roland Kielbasiewicz has helped organizations maximize operational efficiencies while minimizing their carbon footprint. Striving to ensure companies are prepared to meet the demands of an ever changing economy, Roland and his business partners have developed and implemented numerous strategies that have enabled organizations to meet this goal.

Having managed projects for Fortune 500‘s, various municipalities and sectors of government, a varied client base includes companies from around the globe, affording Roland the opportunity to speak to various audiences in both the private and public sectors.

Although an engaging and dynamic speaker, trainer and facilitator, Roland is a true entrepreneur at heart. With a proven track record as President and Founder of Innovative Solutions Inc., he has been part of strategic planning, operational redesign and technology sourcing. In working with clients, Roland provides a thorough needs-analysis in order to recommend the most appropriate plan for each organization. Each plan focuses on providing companies with the best opportunity for economic success and greater sustainability.

For over 20 years Roland and various strategic partners have successfully sourced energy and cost-saving initiatives. The work has provided companies with effective solutions to address the economic and environmental challenges they are facing in today’s competitive world.

Such experiences have provided engaging content for numerous keynote speeches and presentations, so that others can become catalysts for change.

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Elfie Hayes, Broker | Mortgage Intelligence

Kudos to Roland, for providing detailed training for my staff during the implementation of various initiatives. Roland's exceptional facilitation and training expertise ensured that the sessions were an immense success. In addition to his exceptional technical abilities, his inspiring, positive and humorous approach were very much appreciated.

Scott McIntosh, President | MTel Inc.

In his presentations, Roland Kielbasiewicz helped to bring forward opportunities we had not considered before. Besides bringing a depth of professionalism and much experience, his straightforward and common sense approach to problem solving has proven extremely valuable to our organization.

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Be a Catalyst for Change

Do you know how to encourage excellence in a corporate culture where individuals are resistant to change? This lively, interactive and engaging seminar gives you the blueprint for establishing a climate of innovation where change is a vehicle for driving performance and achieving results. Through this presentation you will learn how to overcome resistance to change and solicit support through the alignment of your team's values and corporate goals in order for your company to excel.



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