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Ron Broussard is an internationally celebrated speaker and executive presentation consultant and coach whose mission is to help business leaders and people stretch their relationship capital by using their energy, influence, and resources to create positive changes that increase their abundance in business and life.

His company, Entheos Consulting Group, LLC, helps motivate and empower executives and ambitious entrepreneurs transform their businesses by stepping up, taking charge, and stretching their relationships with themselves, their teams, clients, and customers through connecting, empowering, and valuing. At the end of the day, Ron helps people and business create relationships that improves their personal, career, and business performance.

In his role as a Consultant and Coach, he has helped a diverse range of clients from businesses, non-profits, actors and athletes increase their potential through STRETCHYOURSELF™. He has mentored and worked with over 6000 clients, helping them to create a relational experience with their personal lives, careers, and businesses by building teams that accomplish more with less conflict, gaining confidence in achieving their goals and, ultimately, increasing their company’s bottom line.

He is the author of three books Wanting Eyes, Footprints Of My Soul, and Stretch Yourself Create the Relationships You Deserve (Outskirts Press 2013). He is part of the expert panel for Motivational Speakers, a RichLife Advisor, and a contributing writer with SpeakerMatch's Newsletter, Behind the Podium and Black Life Coaches. He is also a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner.

Ron’s background includes over twelve years’ experience consulting and coaching with organizations such as American Investors Network, Trump University, Nationwide Real Estate, Robert Allen Success Group and through his own coaching and consulting business with Entheos Consulting Group.

A US Army veteran of twelve years, Ron is a graduate of the University of Maryland in Legal Studies and Johnson County Community College in Hospitality Management. He is a Certified Professional Coach through Fowler Wainwright International Institute of Professional Coaching, and a Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner through Global Sciences Foundation. Ron is a member of the International Coach Federation, International Speakers Association, and the Foundation of International Board of Certified Trainers.

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Effective Networking

Stretch Your Leadership Capital

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Certified Professional Coach (professional)


Coaching is the culmination of leadership, knowledge, accountability and gratitude; all of these powerful forces act as one in the coaching process as the client feels the genuine care and concern the coach maintains as the relationship develops. Coaching is endorsing (not teaching) individuals to achieve at their absolute best; this is done by measuring, from a third party vantage point, the gaps between actual performance and desired performance. Then offering strategies and tools to facilitat

Certified Associate Trainer (professional)


Became a Certified Associate Trainer to help me train at my workshops and seminars and better presentations for my audience. This is certified by the International Board of Certified Trainers.

Certified Law of Attraction Practitioner (professional)


Certifed through Dr. Joe Vitale Law of Attraction certification program Certificate No. 3836

Education (4)

Johnson County Community College Overland Park: Certification, Hospitality Management 1997

University of Maryland: Bachelors, Legal Studies 1993

University of Maryland: Associates, Asian Studies 1991

Fowler Wainwright International: Certified Professional Coach, Institute of Professional Coaching 2012

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  • Fowler Wainwright International Institute of Professional Coaching

Testimonials (5)

Bryan Mason, Owner | Tranquil Living, LLC

We are working on rehabbing, lease optioning, and selling a 200 unit condo community here in Columbus Ohio. Kristina Mason (My Wife) and I run 5 companies here in Columbus and a lot of our success is devoted to your coaching in the very beginning of all of this crazy world of business. We still have a lot to learn though. My conversations with you helped to shape my world as it currently is. I reviewed our notes many times. I hope to see you sometime in the future Ron.

Cary Bhudri, CEO, Select Seminars | Communication Skill For Success

The presentation that Ron gave was full of tangible information that I can apply in my business today. Personally I liked it and thought you were great. I liked the real world examples and stories and look forward to hearing the amazing responses from the attendees as well. I look forward to our continued relationship.

Melissa Raines, Director, Customer Service | Rockdale Medical Center

“I highly recommend Ron to anyone. I cannot say enough about his program. I am excited to hear about all of the lives that Ron will touch in the future. I can honestly say that he touched the lives of my group and mine as well.”

Asia L., CEO | Dynst

"Ron was an amazing speaker at the launch event for my company, he really touched a lot of my guests. They were all captivated by what he was saying and kept their attention. Ron was also extremely easy to work with, got straight to the point, didn't waste anytime, did what I had requested, touched on topics that I wanted, he was just amazing! He is a very kind soul and I would recommend him to any and everyone he can definitely prepare his presentations to fit your needs no matter what they are! Loved him at my very first event and cant wait to have him at more."

Nancy Harrison, Vice President | Georgia Chapter National Institute of Governmental Purchasing

Mr. Broussard spoke to our group (Georgia Chapter of the National Institute of Governmental Purchasers, GANIGP) at 8:30 AM. Getting people up and moving at that hour is definitely difficult, but Ron made it happen and for me his presentation was one of the highlights of our conference. He used music, which we could all relate to, to get us out of the Monday morning blahs and into the moment. I don't usually care much for motivational speakers because they don't have an impact on me, but Ron's approach and his message hit home for me. I would highly recommend having him at another of our events, and would recommend him to anyone who wants to start their conference off on a great note."

Event Appearances (4)

Transitions and Change

The Art of Money Management: Creating a Web of Success  Greater Travelers Rest Baptist Church 4650 Flatshoals Pkwy Decatur Ga 30034


Communication Skills For Success

Select Seminars  Burnaby, British Columbia


Raise the Bar and Create Abundance

Robert Allen Real Estate Training  Toronto, Canada



Departmental Meeting  Rockdale Medical Center, Conyers, GA


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Stretch Your Brand Inc.™

Business as Usual? No way! Status quo? Move over? Change? Keep it Coming! Bottom line: Your future success depends on your ability to STRETCH YOURSELF past previous performances, OUT-THINK old ideas and OUT-MANEUVER anyone who says it can’t be done. Simply “meeting expectations” doesn't cut it anymore. YOU and YOUR BRAND have to be so extraordinarily AWESOME, UNIQUE and VITAL that people will CHOOSE to do business with YOU instead of your competitor! Ready?



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7500 to 20500 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee