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Ron Simone - Stratum Five Inc.. Toronto, ON, CA

Ron Simone

President | Stratum Five Inc.

Toronto, ON, CANADA

Architect of Growth Possibilities. Revenue Growth Solutions Leader.





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Ron Simone, President of Stratum Five Inc is a business line leader with extensive practice in mass and direct-to-consumer marketing channels. He is regarded as one of the most experienced Revenue Enhancement professionals in North America. Clients have included JP Morgan Chase, TransAmerica Life, and CAA.

Prior to founding Stratum Five, Ron was a Corporate Officer, Vice President, and member of the executive team of Canadian Tire Financial Services (CTFS), one of the most innovative and successful financial services organizations in North America.

Under his leadership over a span of 10 years, earnings from cross-sell services quadrupled. His portfolio of insurance, extended warranty, membership services, and reinsurance was independently benchmarked to be five times more profitable than any like-scaled North American credit card issuer. While at CTFS, Ron also held operating accountability for a Roadside Assistance business which served General Motors, VW, Audi, and Canadian Tire. The business ranked in the top 10% of North American call centers with an 80% top-box customer satisfaction score.

Ron’s early marketing experience was with PepsiCo (Canada) and Gallo Winery internationally. He has served as a marketing awards judge and conference speaker with the Canadian Marketing Association, as an Executive-in-Residence for Marks & Spencer Money in the UK, and as an Advisor/Director for several private, entrepreneurial ventures.

Industry Expertise (3)

Financial Services

Direct Marketing

Consumer Services

Areas of Expertise (3)

Product Innovation

Ancillary Revenue

Direct Marketing

Accomplishments (4)

Inventor (professional)

Revenue enhancement and cross-sell merchandising method for high-volume soft drink and coffee service locations. Awarded United States Patent 5,007,578

Best in Class Customer Service (professional)

While serving as Vice President & member of Executive Team, received SQM Group Call Center Recognition in two categories • World Class (top 5%) in employee satisfaction (150 employees) • 80% 'top box' score in customer satisfaction

Best in Class Portfolio Profitability (professional)

Led a business unit independently benchmarked to be five times more profitable than any like-scaled business in its North American class.

President's Award for Outstanding Leadership (professional)

Awarded annually to individuals demonstrating honesty, integrity, dignity, and respect while delivering outstanding business results

Education (1)

Ivey School of Business - Western University: Honors B.A., Marketing and Business Administration

Runner-up Gold Medalist

Testimonials (8)

Robert Westrope, President | Nexeus Associates

"Ron manages to bridge the gap of intrapreneurship and entrepreneurship - of providing vision and a disciplined operating mindset to challenges and opportunities. An intuitive and unapologetic observer of the 'big picture', Ron perceives opportunities most miss, while having evolved an acute sense of the pragmatic and the profitable - crafting business solutions that are differentiating, value-adding, and eminently executable."

Jeff Rassell, Assistant Vice President, Product Management | AGIA Insurance Services

"Ron is an outstanding visionary with superior ability to create and build outstanding businesses. He has a long term point of view, is an excellent leader, motivator, and mentor; and the consummate team player. He has the ability to motivate everyone around him to raise the level of their game and optimize their abilities."

Brian McMahon, Manager, Enterprise Payroll | Canadian Tire Corporation

"You were the Steven Spielberg of the Company. Your movies were all very memorable and allowed me the opportunity to dream and grow. You approached making each movie with an unmatched passion. You had both your critics and your supporters, but all the greats do. I was thrilled to serve as both a character and a fan. It was great!!"

Alistair Milne, Previously, Head of Marketing | M&S Money

“Well presented, articulate, and with a well developed ability to think laterally and generate good quality ideas. Ron has the credentials to deliver real added value."

Michael Elliott, Chief Financial Officer | CAA South Central Ontario

“I know you don’t like being labelled the ‘ideas guy’, but creativity and innovation are like fresh air swooshing into a room, pushing aside the staleness that had settled in. You bring your own supply of fresh air with you wherever you go. Salesmanship begins with the first “no”. That first “no” is the sound of a starter’s pistol for you. Combining your creativity to develop solutions that weren’t there before, reasons that no one else thought of, or new ways to get it done, you are a negotiating force to be reckoned with.”

Bill Kerr, President | Actv8 Marketing Inc.

"Ron is a driver and passionate about getting results. He leads by example and is one of the best thinkers I have met. He has consistently built strong teams that ensure delivery of their corporate promise. There is not one subordinate who would not say Ron was their most dynamic leader."

Geoff Brock, Previously, Vice President, Enterprise Loyalty | Canadian Tire Corporation

"Ron is one of the most strategically agile people that I have ever worked with. He has been able to create value through his special ability to create new business models and to complete big ticket negotiations to get them done. He is a creative, customer-focused marketer and a master of added value revenue generation ideas."

Anonymous Feedback, Conference Attendees | Canadian Marketing Conference - National Convention

"Best presentation of the whole conference - relevant, honest, and gave us meat to act on! Bravo!" "The best presentation of the show" "Ron has a great/enthusiastic way of speaking" "Very clear! Very informative! Nice flow! Excellent use of analogies and stories!" 85% Excellent Rating

Event Appearances (4)

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MBA Event  Brock University

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Canadian Marketing Association - Seminar Speaker  Toronto

Leading The Way

HBA Leader's Forum  Western University

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