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Ryan Jakubowski, M.S., P.G. - Global Water Experts. Lima, Lima Province, PE

Ryan Jakubowski, M.S., P.G.

Senior Hydrogeologist & Geochemist | Global Water Experts

Lima, Lima Province, PERU

Mr. Jakubowski has over 10 years of experience as a hydrogeologist/geochemist working primarily for mining and industrial clients





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Mr. Jakubowski uses technically sound, defensible, and state-of-the-art models to understand flow and transport processes and develop integrated water management programs to ensure that sustainable resource management decisions are made throughout a project’s life cycle. He formulates innovative solutions that manage effects and reduce long-term liabilities for his clients. At his core, Ryan employs an ideology that aligns economic, social, and environmental constraints, while simultaneously balancing stakeholder objectives.

Mr. Jakubowski has worked as a hydrogeologist, geochemist, and numerical modeler on a variety of mining-related projects throughout the world including Argentina, Australia, Chile, Indonesia, Mexico, Peru, Romania, and the United States. Ryan has designed and implemented result-oriented hydrogeologic characterization programs that emphasize safety and quality control. Additionally, he has managed multi-disciplinary teams and technical workflow across geographic boundaries to meet strict regulatory and project deadlines within the natural resources and municipal sectors.

Industry Expertise (6)

Sanitation and Waste Management

Precious Metals / Minerals

Mining and Metals

Mechanical/Industrial Engineering

Management Consulting


Areas of Expertise (4)

Integrated Water Management

Sustainable Resource Management

Acid Rock Drainage

Metal Leaching

Education (2)

New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology: Master of Science, Hydrology 2006

University of Wisconsin-Madison: Bachelor of Science, Geology and Geophysics 2000

Articles (3)

Uranyl Adsorption onto Hydrous Ferric Oxide—A Re-Evaluation for the Diffuse Layer Model Database

Environmental Science & Technology


The diffuse layer model (DLM) database of Dzombak and Morel was developed to quantify the adsorption of dissolved species onto the hydrous ferric oxide (HFO) surface, and contained numerous surface complexation reactions, including surface complexation reactions for uranyl (UO2+2) consisting of Hfo_sOUO2+ and Hfo_wOUO2+.

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Analysis of a monsoon flood event in an ephemeral tributary and its downstream hydrologic effects

Water Resources Research


Our major objective in this study is to quantify the meteorological characteristics, watershed runoff response, and surface-groundwater interactions arising from a summer monsoon flood event in the Río Puerco and its downstream hydrologic effects in the Río Grande.

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Evidence for magmatic vapor deposition of anhydrite prior to the 1991 climactic eruption of Mount Pinatubo, Philippines

American Mineralogist


Anhydrite (CaSO4) phenocrysts from Mount Pinatubo pumices show evidence of having responded dynamically to changing conditions prior to the June 15, 1991 climactic eruption. Micrometer-sized and smaller pyramidal surface growth features and lesser numbers of etch pits on anhydrite surfaces are documented by scanning electron microscopy. Chemical analyses indicate that the pyramids are a CaSO4 polymorph and electron backscatter diffraction patterns show conclusively that the pyramids are indeed orthorhombic anhydrite and not another Ca-sulfate phase. Unit-cell measurements of volcanic anhydrite are identical with evaporitic anhydrite, as determined from single-crystal X-ray diffraction patterns.

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