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Ryan Porter - China Canada Angels Alliance - CAMP Program. Toronto, ON, CA

Ryan Porter

Co-Founder |

Toronto, ON, CANADA

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At age 21, Ryan Porter dropped out of college to try to answer the question "what do I want to be when I grow up?". The quest for an answer brought him to Japan, Slovakia, Honduras, Austria, Germany, France, Nicaragua, Guatemala the Czech Republic and more. He quickly discovered that there's more than one question to ask as young people make decisions about their future and that there are many different answers.

His philosophy is: Teens don't need to have all of the answers by the time they graduate high school, or college for that matter. They must be encouraged to explore the possibilities and get excited about something, anything.

Ryan is the founder of, a web app to help work-bound high school students find a career they are passionate about and make a career plan to do it.

He wrote the book Make Your Own Lunch - How to Live an Epically Epic Life of Epicness to help teens answer that very question that began his journey.

Ryan is a youth expert and speaker who understands exactly how to reach teens and encourage them to take action.

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Make Your Own Lunch

Ryan's trademarked program Make Your Own Lunchâ„¢ is about one thing; Decision. It's about giving young people the power to decide their future. What they'll have, where they'll go, what they'll do and who they'll be. It has nothing to do with the actual preparation of food but everything to do with youth preparing to live a life that they are excited to be living everyday. Students leave with a renewed sense of direction, excited about their possibilities and prepared to take their next steps.



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