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Saeed Ahmad, Ph.D. - VCU College of Engineering. Biotech Eight, Room 443, Richmond, VA, US

Saeed Ahmad, Ph.D. Saeed Ahmad, Ph.D.

Research Assistant Professor, Department of Chemical and Life Science Engineering | VCU College of Engineering

Biotech Eight, Room 443, Richmond, VA, UNITED STATES

Dr. Ahmad specializes in the development of using small molecules, peptides and proteins


Industry Expertise (2)

Research Education/Learning

Areas of Expertise (3)

Research and development using small molecules peptides and proteins Process development of new and existing active pharmaceutical ingredients Development of efficient and cost effective processes using continuous synthesis and flow chemistry.

Education (2)

University of Allahabad, India: Ph.D., Organic Chemistry

University of Georgia, Athens, GA: Postdoctoral Fellow

Selected Articles (4)

Increasing Global Access to the High-Volume HIV Drug Nevirapine through Process Intensification Green Chem

J Verghese, C Kong, D Rivalti, E Yu, R Krack, J Alcazar, J Manley, D McQuade, S Ahmad, K Belecki and F Gupton

2017, 19, 2986-2991

High throughput photo-oxidations in a packed bed reactor system Bioorg. Med. Chem

C Kong, D Fisher, B Desai, Y Yang, S Ahmad, K Belecki, F Gupton

2017, doi.org/10.1016/j.bmc.2017.07.004.

The Application of a Continuous Grignard Reaction in the Preparation of Fluconazole Eur. J. Org. Chem

Sudha Korwar, Somi Amir, Perrer N. Tosso, Bimbisar K. Desai, Caleb J. Kong, Swara Fadnis, Nakul S. Telang, Saeed Ahmad, Thomas D. Roper, B. Frank Gupton

2017, 10.1002/ejoc.201701002.

High-yielding semi continuous flow synthesis of antimalarial drug hydroxychloroquine Beilstein J. Org. Chem

Eric Yu, Hari P. R. Mangunuru, Nakul S. Telang, Caleb J. Kong, Jenson Verghese, S. E. Gilliland III, Saeed Ahmad, B. Frank Gupton*

2018, 14, 583-592