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Sapna Sharma

Life Reinvention Coach & Motivator | Le Cicerones

Mumbai, INDIA

A motivational speaker and Life Coach who has the record to touch the soul of every member of the audience.


My Objective is to transfer my faith in the inherent greatness of every individual, and in the right of each one of us for a fulfilling life, to everyone I cross my path with.

With a rich professional and personal back ground and spiritual initiation, I believe to be channel in conveying the motivational messages from the creator to those who need them the most.

My experience is that every time I take the stage to address the audience, the message seems to flow on its own leaving my audience deeply moved and me a little bit more humble every time.

Great teachers and motivators have a role in helping me realize my role on this planet and that I intend to fulfill to the best of my abilities.

My professional back ground can be summed up as:

• Internationally Certified Life Reinvention Coach.
• Acclaimed Motivational speaker.
• Certified Psychometric tools assessor.
• Proven ability to serve as a lead trainer on key educational institutes, Corporate houses and many NGO’s.
• Skilled in designing customized personal development training workshops, planning and delivering effective motivational sessions, using the latest training tools and instruments.
• Long-standing experience in conducting individual and mass counseling sessions for students, individuals, parents and teachers, and Chronic illness patients consistently achieving high rate of satisfaction and experienced feedback.
• Successful experience in establishing and running a counseling and training organization.
• Successful experience in establishing and running Ophthalmology consultancy and Surgery.
• Experience in Airlines and Airline training Institute.

Industry Expertise (5)

Professional Training and Coaching


Health and Wellness

Mental Health Care


Areas of Expertise (1)

Spiritual Relationships.

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What do you want from life?


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