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Sarah Rees - Augusta University. Augusta, GA, US

Sarah Rees Sarah Rees

Director, Cyber Workforce Academy | Augusta University


The Cyber Workforce Academy offers training for state and local government information security professionals






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Resistance Is Futile: SDN Assimilating Our Networks [ShmooCon 2016]




Highly talented and accomplished information systems professional, equipped with comprehensive experience in securing, optimizing, and planning large-scale networks and distributed automation/information systems. Demonstrates keen ability to leverage available resources to meet organizational needs. Unique background and experience in building and securing networks with emphasis on managing response to cybersecurity threats and incidents. Extremely effective in stressful and fast-paced environments.

Areas of Expertise (5)

Information Assurance

Satellite Communications


Network Administration

Computer Security

Accomplishments (3)

Joint Commendation Medal (JCOM)


Bronze Order of Mercury

Signal Corp Regimental Association

Meritorious Service Medal (MSM)

2015 US Army

Education (2)

Syracuse University: M.S., Telecommunications Management 2017

University of Maryland University College: B.S., Computer Networks and Security 2014

Media Appearances (9)

Sarah, the Director of Cyber Workforce Academy joins Ana as a co-host!

News Channel 6  online


Sarah, the Director of Cyber Workforce Academy, was Ana’s special co-host for this First Friday. Get to know Sarah and why we love having her on The Dish!

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Sarah and Ana continue to discuss the red flags to look out for while your kids are online

News Channel 6  online


Sarah and Ana continue to discuss the red flags to look out for while your kids are online. This segment should be viewed by all parents that have kids online.

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CYBER SERIES | Not everything is what it appears – finding a secure connection

News Channel 6  online


Sarah Rees and Nicole Cliff had been kind enough to come back. They’re from the Georgia Cyber Center right here in Augusta and thank you all so much for explaining cyber to us and to the audience, we appreciate it.

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CYBER SERIES | What is cyber really and what threats are we facing?

News Channel 6  online


For this edition of The Means Report and the three Means Reports that follow, we are going to do a series on what cyber really means. Today looking at cyber breaches and hacking, we report on this all the time on NewsChannel 6. We’ll find out what kind of efforts are going on to thwart the bad guys as they try to hack into our systems, and the practice of cyber security right here at home. Where are we headed? What are we doing right now to protect our nation and the world? You know, a lot of people do see Augusta, Georgia as the world headquarters when it comes to cyber, and so, we thought it appropriate to bring in a couple of folks from the Georgia Cyber Center at Augusta University to help break things down.

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CYBER SERIES | Building protection for your business and home against ransomware

News Channel 6  online


Today we continue our cyber series talking about security in the business world and not just educating business owners about how to protect their cyber interests, but the employees as well. What about ransomware attacks, how do they work when it comes to business and industry? Can they have a real impact? Can they be as devastating as they are where they to show up on our home computer? Nicole Cliff and Sara Rees from the Georgia Cyber Center walk us through this.

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Davidson students get primer on cyber dangers

Augusta Chronicle  online


“Those same skills, they are going to serve them wherever they go,” she said. But if you ask kids at this age what they want to be, they tend to name things like policeman or teacher or doctors, professions they have encountered and know what they do, Rees said.

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Georgia Cyber Center To Open Doors In July With An Eye On Workforce Development

GPB Media  online


“I think that something that’s incredibly unique and dynamic about this space is the ability to get private public and academic people working together in that level playing field because I think if we baseline our cyber security skill sets we’re going to be better prepared in a defensive posture,” Rees said.

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New GBI cybercrime unit moving into new GA Cyber Center

WRDW.com  online


"It's a better environment than, you know, sitting in front of a teacher and just having them tell you something for 8 hours a day," said Sarah Rees, Director of the Cyber Workforce Academy. On the third floor, you'll find classroom after classroom, this is where Augusta Tech students will learn how to secure networks.

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Georgia Cyber Center offers preview of new building

Augusta Chronicle  online


Sarah Rees, director of the cyber workforce academy for the Georgia Cyber Center, said the training rooms will bring people together to test their skills on a level playing field.

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