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Sarah Jane Pell, Ph.D. - Aquabatics Research Team initiative ARTi. Melbourne Area, Australia, Victoria, AU

Sarah Jane Pell, Ph.D.

Co-Chair ETTAS | Aquabatics Research Team initiative ARTi

Melbourne Area, Australia, Victoria, AUSTRALIA

Topical Team: Arts & Science at European Space Agency








An accomplished artist and commercial diver, Dr. Sarah Jane Pell both consults, produces and performs underwater media and designs interdisciplinary sci-art laboratories as new forms of live art and civilian space analogues.

Pell seeks opportunities to live and work underwater for extended periods to critique and refine advanced life support including expression, communication design and architectures to ponder the biotechnicity and arts required for quality of life on Earth and for use on long duration human undersea and space missions.

Industry Expertise (3)



Performing Arts

Areas of Expertise (3)

Live Art

Life Support

Commercial Diving

Accomplishments (1)

TED Fellow (professional)


The TED Fellows program brings outstanding individuals who have shown unusual accomplishment, exceptional courage and moral imagination into the TED community. Designed to bring together young world-changers and trailblazers who have shown unusual accomplishment and exceptional courage, the TED2010 Fellows reflect both geographic and discipline diversity. Dr. Pell was the first Australian to be awarded this honour.

Education (7)

The Underwater Centre, Fremantle: ADAS 1 & 2r, Occupational Diving 2002

Edith Cowan University: PhD, Visual Arts 2006

Thesis: Aquabatics as new works of Live Art Leonardo Abstract Service - Top-rated Abstract for 2007

Victoria University: MA, Human Performance 1998

School of Anatomy and Human Movement

The Nottingham Trent University: PhD - Visiting Reader, Live Art 2005

The Live Art Archives include the Record of Live Art Practice, the National Review of Live Art Archive, the Digital Performance Archive, the Arts Council England Live Art and Performance Archive and Performance magazine Archive

University of Melbourne: BFA, Drawing 1995

Victorian College of the Arts

International Space University, Strasbourg: SSP06, Space Sciences 2006

Summer Session Program Team Project: "Luna Gaia: a closed loop habitat for the Moon"

Singularity University, NASA Ames, Silicon Valley CA: Graduate Studies Program , Futures Technologies 2010

Invited participants from all over the world examine challenging, interdisciplinary, and real world problems that exemplify humanity’s grand challenges: Water, Food, Energy, Upcycle and Space. Investigating all of the fields in exponential growth, we strive to understand what is in the lab today, where we are heading for the next 5 -10 years, and how this technology will be useful to address the Grand Challenge in that timeframe: to positively impact the lives of a billion people in ten years.

Affiliations (7)

  • League of the New Worlds
  • Australian Network for Art & Technology
  • Zero Gravity Arts Consortium
  • International Society for Underwater Technologies
  • International Space University
  • Singularity University
  • TED Fellow

Testimonials (2)

Dr. Catherine Summerhaze, Australian National University | Taiwan-Australian New Media Festival, Teipei TW

“Sarah Jane Pell is an unusual person: both a highly professional scholar and practitioner with both activities unified within in the same area of research. She is a highly skilled Performance Artist whose work is not only aesthetically beautiful, spectacular and accessible (if challenging at times for the well calculated risks involved) but is also clearly applied to social and ethical problems confronting current society - in this sense, Sarah Jane is also a skilled social scientist. Her management skills are excellent, and must be in order for her diverse projects to succeed - it is important to note here that she employs a support team of professionals in her performance projects. I enjoyed working with her in 2007."

Dr. Sheryl Bishop, SSP06 Faculty, International Space University, Strasbourg FR | NASA Ames Directors Colloqium, Moffett Field US

“Sarah Jane Pell is one of the most creative minds I have met in many years. Her explorations into fundamental principles of human behavior through her art and inquiry challenge more traditional modes of scientific and humanistic investigation. I recommend her without reservation.” July 20, 2009

Event Appearances (5)

Every space project needs an artist

TEDxISU - International Space University, NASA Kennedy Space Center, FIT  Florida Institute of Technology, Gleeson Performing Arts Center, Melbourne Florida US


Global hydrotherepy through aquatic arts

TEDxSydney  Carriageworks Theatre, Sydney Australia


To Boldly Stay - Extending Humanity into the Solar System

NASA Ames-SingularityU Conference  NASA Ames Research Centre, Moffett Field, California US


Hydromedusa: Aqueous Architectures for Use in WET Spaces

MutaMorphosis: Challenging Arts and Sciences  Prague, Czech Republic

Inhabiting Space: Art from Atlantica Mission

59th International Astronautical Congress  Glasgow, Scotland



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