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Scott Moreau, D.Miss. - Wheaton College. Wheaton, IL, US

Scott Moreau, D.Miss. Scott Moreau, D.Miss.

Dean of Wheaton College Graduate School & Professor of Intercultural Studies | Wheaton College


Dr. Scott Moreau has broad expertise related to missions and intercultural communication.



Scott Moreau, D.Miss. Publication Scott Moreau, D.Miss. Publication Scott Moreau, D.Miss. Publication Scott Moreau, D.Miss. Publication Scott Moreau, D.Miss. Publication Scott Moreau, D.Miss. Publication Scott Moreau, D.Miss. Publication Scott Moreau, D.Miss. Publication Scott Moreau, D.Miss. Publication




028 : Social Media and Missions: A Starter Conversation - Scott Moreau




Dr. Scott Moreau's professional interests include contextualization of the Christian faith, issues related to phenomenology (folk religions, spiritual warfare), and technology in missions (especially information technology and the use of the Internet). He edits Evangelical Missions Quarterly and the Encountering Mission series (Baker), and serves on several agency and other boards.

Education (3)

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School: D.Miss., Missiology 1986

Trinity Evangelical Divinity School: M.Div., Missiology 1983

Wheaton College: B.S., Physics 1977

Areas of Expertise and Research Interests (5)

Intercultural Communication Cross-Cultural Teaching and Learning Trends in Missions Spiritual Warfare Technology in Missions

Professional Affiliations (6)

  • Association of Professors in Mission : Member
  • American Society of Missiology (Board of Directors, 2006-2008)
  • Evangelical Missiological Society : National Vice President for Corporate Affairs
  • James Scholar (University of Illinois)
  • Midwest Fellowship for Missions Studies : Member
  • Sigma Pi Sigma (Physics Honor Society) : Member

Media Appearances (5)

Martyrs in the Time of the Charity Selfie

The Wall Street Journal  online


A more immediate threat to missionaries now comes from religiously motivated violence—kidnappings, terrorist attacks and war. Scott Moreau, the editor of EMQ, a professional journal for missionaries, says that "security issues are significantly more challenging" than they were a generation ago. And now, he told me, people are at risk "from exposure as missionaries based on Internet research to physical targeting—and, at times, death—by radical groups of all stripes."...

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How Christians are Creating Crisis for Muslims

CharismaNews  online


Many missiologists support this movement, including faculty at Fuller Theological Seminary, which in the past included such leading charismatics as Vineyard founder John Wimber and prophetic teacher Peter Wagner. Though harsher critics of these translations use words like heresy to describe it, Scott Moreau, professor of intercultural studies at Wheaton College, cautions against lumping all IM proponents into an unbiblical camp. In his recent book on contextualization for world missions, Moreau notes that movements are messy and that evangelical missiologists haven’t reached a consensus on IM after years of discussion...

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Somali Pirates Kill Bible Distributors

Christianity Today  online


The retired couple might be a reflection of a generation interested in combining their faith with another stage of life, said Scott Moreau, professor of missions at Wheaton College...

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How Missionaries Lost Their Chariots of Fire

The Wall Street Journal  online


Scott Moreau, a missions professor at Wheaton College, estimates that two decades ago half of his graduate students believed building churches abroad was their top priority. "Today, it might be 10%," Moreau says. "Fighting trafficking, orphanage work, HIV-AIDS, poverty—that is probably 50%." (Those remaining have a variety of primary interests.)...

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Foreign Letter

Christianity Today  online


"We have to start somewhere, and at least opening the door is a critical first step," said Scott Moreau, a Wheaton College mission professor, who did not sign the letter. But critics say the Yale letter will do more harm than good...

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Presentations and Event Appearances (8)

Reflections on the Familial Language Translation Controversy from a WEA Panel Member

Evangelical Missiological Society North Central regional  Deerfield IL


From Everywhere to Everywhere

Blanchard Alliance Church Missions Festival  


Contextualization: Assessing the Issues

Swallen Lectureship (8 lectures)  Andrews University


From Everywhere to Everywhere

Western Springs Baptist Church Missions Conference  


Evangelicals and Contextualization: Oxymoron, Uneasy Relationship, or Energetic Experiment?

American Society of Missiology Northwest regional (4 lectures)  Maryknoll, NY


“Intercultural communication,” “Issues in the Global Church” and “Translating ‘Son of God’ and other Divine Familial Terms: An Overview of the Recent Controversy and Response”

Bethlehem Baptist Church missions conference  Minneapolis MN


Intercultural Communication Issues in Ministry

Emmanuel Bible Church  Sept 14 and Nov 9, 2013

Response to Jerry Rankin

Evangelical Missiological Society National meeting  Dallas, TX


Academics and Published Research (2)

Courses Taught

- Contextualization
- Folk Religions
- Intercultural Communication
- Cross-Cultural Teaching and Learning
- Spiritual Conflict
- Trends in Missions


- Individual: Contextualization and visual expressions of faith in majority world contexts
- Collaborative: Missions use of the Internet, trends in missions

Select Articles, Chapters, Reviews, and Other Publications (5)

Deliver Us from Evil Consultation 16‐22 August, 2000 (Nairobi, Kenya) The Lausanne Movement: A Range of Perspectives on World Evangelization

ed. by Lars Dahle and Knud Jorgenson

142‐47. Oxford: Regnum; 2014.

The MisLinks Story Evangelical Missions Quarterly

Moreau, A. Scott and Mike O’Rear


Persecution Information on the Web In Sorrow and Blood: Christian Mission in Contexts of Suffering, Persecution, and Martyrdom

Moreau, A. Scott


Comprehensive Contextualization Discovering the Mission of God

Moreau, A. Scott


Discourses on Demonology in North America Witchcraft, Demons and Deliverance: A Global Conversation on an Intercultural Challenge

ed. Claudia Wahrish‐Oblau and Henning Wrogemann

41‐68. Munster, Germany: LIT Verlag Fresnostr