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Scott Vivian Scott Vivian

Managing Member | Pacific Construction Management International, LLC


INC500 150th Fastest Growing Business Owner and Ernrst & Young Entreprenuer of the Year (runner up) Recipient Speaker



Inspiration and confidence to become whatever you would like to be. Growing up with an undetected eye problem where words were unrecognizable, sentences did not have the words in the order that enabled comprehension, failing high school but being a successful athlete, to living on the streets to a half-way house (no drug use), to being unable to hold a job, to working as a laborer, getting married, to experiencing growing out of the eye problem to throwing the TV out of the house for six years and self studing after work to learning how to learn. From there, experiencing the honor of beign recognized as the INC500 160 and 150 fastest growing company in American, honored as Ernst & Young Entreprenuer of the Year nominee, to Business Insurance Magazine Risk Innovator of the Year in 2008. Character identifies who you are and one brings whatever resides inside to others - inspire.

Industry Expertise (3)


Construction - Residential

Corporate Leadership

Areas of Expertise (5)

Entrepreneurship in American Business

Construction Defect Litigation and Risk Management

Creative Thinking


Thinking Outside the Box

Accomplishments (4)

INC500 169th Fastest Growing Company in 1996 (professional)


Constructon defect litigation and construction management

INC500 150th Fastest Growing Company in American 1996 (professional)


Construction defect ligitaiton consulting

Risk Innovator of Year (professional)


Insurance Business Magazine

Entrepreneur of the Year (runner up regional) (professional)


Chief Executive Officer of Pacific Construction Management, Inc.

Education (1)

Chicago Technical Institution: Trade, Construction 1976

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Entrepreneurship and Creative Thinking

Why Buy and Time Management: Identify why you are tempted to buy to discover what you don't really need and the burden of owning the purchase, such as a services, new employee, products that take your time from what you should and would rather enjoy doing as an entrepreneur.

Character Driven Entrepreneurship

Starting your own company in a capitalist society is all about character and the choices character driven entrepreneurship leads. A company can be characterized as good based on profits, profits without character or profits with character, character defines the people, character is a moment in time that defines both what the company and the people who run it decide.


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