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Scott Watson - Summit Consulting & Training Limited. Halifax, United Kingdom, Yorkshire, GB

Scott Watson

Founder & Managing Director | Summit Consulting & Training Limited

Halifax, United Kingdom, Yorkshire, UNITED KINGDOM

Leadership Enabler, Emotional Intelligence Expert & Keynote Speaker



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Scott Watson is author of the Amazon best-selling book 'Win Every Time - Essential Lessons For Existing And Emerging Leaders' and a popular expert media commentator on Corporate Leadership, Teamwork and Management matters for broadcast and print media in the UK.

With more than 15 years hands-on experience of transforming leaders and teams through Emotional Intelligence development, Scott regularly presents at company conferences and facilitates post conference masterclasses.

Scott is a Certified Emotional Intelligence Facilitator & Coach (EQ-i 2.0), Certified Micro Expressions Trainer, having achieved Expert Level with Prof. Paul Ekman's, METT Advanced programme, and his EQ is independently measured as being within the top 5% of the UK's adult population.

Co-Developer of critically acclaimed online coaching solutions, The Management Training Channel and The Emotional Intelligence Channel, Scott's aim is to not just 'present' an action-packed, entertaining keynote, but to equip your audience with an abundance of time-tested, easy to use tools, techniques and skills they can apply immediately to boost their personal effectiveness and your organisation's performance.

Your audience benefits from an intellectually stimulating, and interactive presentation which includes a potent mixture of presentation, activity, self-reflection and commitment to action. Yes, Scott explores some serious subjects, but his collaborative, humorous approach guarantees your audience a learning experience to remember.....for all the right reasons!

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Accomplishments (4)

£8.2 Million of Customer Accounts Retained By Client (professional)

Within 20 days of participating in Scott's Emotional Intelligence Bootcamp, employees of a high street mortgage lender successfully retained £8.2 million worth of customer mortgage accounts they had expected to lose in an extremely competitive marketplace. Also, a significant number of cross-selling opportunities were identified, and business secured, due to the very different approach being taken to communicate and collaborate with customers using Emotional Intelligence tools & techniques.

Acknowledged Authority in Emotional Intelligence (professional)

Aside from presenting to audiences across the UK and Arabian Gulf region, Scott has had the pleasure of coaching more than 1,000 board level executives and high potential leaders across a variety of industry sectors. Scott's technical skill and unique ability to deliver significant improvements in client performance resulted in him becoming acknowledged as an authority in developing emotionally intelligent leaders, managers and teams.

Micro Expressions Expert Level Presenter (professional)

Scott is one of a handful of UK based Certified Micro Expressions Presenters. And he is (at time of writing) the only person to have achieved 'Expert Level' in this specialist field...with a straight 100% test score! Scott loves to present Micro Expressions content to audiences including educators, sales professionals and customer service agents. Micro Expressions are unconscious facial expressions which appear for less than 1/25th of a second that uncover hidden emotions.

Sales And Service Performance Smashed! (professional)

A UK bank boosted contact centre sales by *35% and service by *30% following my Masterclass For Managers programme. A more engaged, motivated, focused and influential team of sales and service agents smashed previous performance records and gained group wide recognition for their effort and results. *Clients own internal data.

Education (3)

MHS: EQ-I 2.0 Accredited Coach and Facilitator, Emotional Intelligence 2010

The EQ-I 2.0 Assessment is the world's only scientifically validated Emotional Intelligence assessment. Scott Watson cemented his many years of hands-on Emotional Intelligence experience with this much sought after accreditation.

Success Strategies Inc.: Language And Behaviour (LAB) Profile, The Language And Behaviour Of Influence 2013

Scott's interest in understanding how human beings influence themselves, both positively and negatively resulted in him becoming an Accredited LAB Profile Practitioner, with accreditation being awarded by world leading authority, Shelle Rose Charvet. Scott presents the language of influence keynote to audiences including managers and sales professionals to help them optimise their ability and willingness to ethically influence and persuade others.

Paul Ekman International : Expert Level Certificate (Advanced Level), Micro Expressions 2012

Micro Expressions are unconscious flinches which appear for less thank one-twenty fifth of a second on a human being's face. Micro Expressions show the hidden emotions your counterpart does not wish you to notice and are most commonly demonstrated in high-stakes communications such as negotiations or sales meetings. Scott was awarded Expert Level Certificate by Prof. Paul Ekman following a 100% score! He is one of only a handful of Certified Micro Expressions Trainers in the UK.

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  • MHS Emotional Intelligence

Testimonials (11)

Dianne Williamson, Director of Human Resources | Learndirect

Throughout the assignment, Scott was committed to identifying and delivering in a truly engaging format, exactly what the business required. So from a business perspective the programme was a huge success. But what I felt was the icing on the cake was that Scott also took the time to connect with each individual before they actually attended their event and start to identify with them their personal requirements of the programme. Feedback from each event was simply fantastic and those who didn’t think they could learn any more about leadership were frequently the most excited about taking their learning back into the workplace!

Mr Basil Al-Azem, Regional HR Development Manager, EEMEA | DHL Express High Potential Manager Programme

I asked Scott to help me build a program for those managers across DHL Middle East that had been identified as ‘high potential’. We needed a training program that didn’t just deal with the regular leadership principles, but one that focused more on Emotional Intelligence to boost company performance. Scott worked with me on identifying the exact deliverables that I had wanted from the training program and presented me with a proposed intervention, in line with what I was searching for. The facilitation of those six days (in two modules of three days each) was superb.

John Thompson, Emeritus Professor of Entrepreneurship | the University of Huddersfield

Scott Watson provides valuable pro bono support for our Enterprise Development degree which requires students to start and run a real business alongside their studies. He brings real-world experience, an understanding of the challenges facing the students, and both the commitment and temperament to be an effective enabler. His feedback on their ideas and his mentoring have become an important part of the Enterprise Development degree. Having reviewed his book, Scott Watson clearly understands how corporate managers actually learn to improve. His material and arguments are robust and well explained.

Sarah Naismith, Head of Charities | Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Trust

Scott really made it easy for our charity to develop a team development programme that met with our key objectives. Particularly impressive was the way Scott quickly grasped a solid understanding of our organisation, the challenges we face, and opportunities available to us as a team and a charity. Scott definitely delivered on his commitment and I was very pleased with the collaborative and thought provoking facilitation. The day really inspired our team. Most importantly for me as a manager, the team development event gave us all an opportunity to explore areas of under performance, which had been neglected due to lack of time and resources. I highly recommend Scott Watson.

Mark Holloway, Principal Lecturer, Msc Business Psychology | The University of East London

Scott is an outstanding presenter who is genuinely prepared to go the extra mile for his clients. He has a deep understanding of organisations which he brings to bear on every step of the training process, from needs analysis, through delivery to evaluation.

Robert Lee, Recruitment and Retention Manager | Nat West Bank

The enthusiasm that managers have brought back to the working environment has had a positive impact on personal and business goals. This is directly attributable to the programme you delivered for our organisation. Our expectation was to deliver high quality leadership education to our managers and our expectations have been met.

Andrew Knapper, Sergeant | H.M Royal Air Force Annual Conference

Scott Watson was a keynote speaker at our annual conference at the Defence College of Aeronautical Engineering. Scott was thought provoking and dynamic and illustrated effectively how he applies his unique personal change approaches to a wide range of human potential projects. I would certainly recommend Scott Watson to any audience wishing to laugh while they learn about how to create positive personal change with people.

Kate Sweeney, Implementation Director | Capita

I recently attended an Emotional Intelligence workshop held by Scott for 25 managers. Scott was extremely knowledgeable and gave a very captivating and thought provoking presentation that was appropriate for the group. He has a very easy delivery style which is interesting, fun and engaging. The morning really made me think about my role as a manager and the impact I have on the business and my colleagues. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend Scott.

Shonagh Wardell, Organisational Development Manager | Grovelands Limites

I really enjoyed the event Scott held at UEL - it inspired me to adopt a significantly more consultative approach integrating coaching techniques into business meetings. Scott is clearly very knowledgeable in his field and is a very engaging communicator. I hope I will have the pleasure of crossing Scott's path again in the near future.

Margaret Jones, Chair of Governors | Altrincham School Teacher Development Day

Scott Watson provided a first class day's Inset on Emotional Intelligence for staff and governors of a South Trafford Primary School and had everyone fully engaged from first to last. Lots of practical ideas for all to use in the classroom and in talking with colleagues and parents, not least the more challenging ones!

Meredith Taghi, Global Head HRD - DHL Express | The Leader Within

I am very pleased to recommend Scott Watson - as a participant and one involved in the selection of the program Scott provided for DHL, I have been really impressed with a number of aspects including the content, methodology, innovative learning activities, follow up support and relationship management as not the least the outcomes of the program. Scott himself is a passionate professional with an extraordinary level of integrity and empathy which results in an excellent learning outcomes particularly for senior leaders in this day and age. OUTSTANDING!

Event Appearances (8)

Becoming An Emotionally Intelligent Manager

Leadership Development Showcase  Northampton


The Entrepreneur's Journey

Business School Open Event  the University of Huddersfield

Annual Franchisee Conference

Autosmart Franchisee Conference  Birmingham

Enabling Learning With Emotionally Intelligence

West Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service Conference  HQ, Bradford


Leading From The Front

Fast-Track Business Growth Programme  Teesside


The Leader Within

DHL Express - High-Potential Manager Programme  Manama, Bahrain


The Leader Within

DHL Aviation - High-Potential Manager Programme  Manama, Bahrain


Stop Managing...Start Leading

Capita plc Management Away Day  Northampton


Sample Talks (4)

Infected By Emotions - How Are Your People Performing?

Each and every day you are infected by emotions at work. Even when you don’t realise it, the moods, attitudes and communication of those around you have a massive impact on your own emotional balance and focus. So what? Why should I be bothered by or interested in this fact? Because negative, moods, dialogue and behaviour could be significantly impacting your employee’s ability, and willingness, to perform at, or near their best. And that's costing your organisation money!

Boosting Customer Satisfaction With Emotional Intelligence

Learn how your organisation can keep hold of your customers, how your employees can create a more emotionally intelligent environment, and influence customers to stick with you rather than go elsewhere. During this highly interactive 60-minute keynote presentation your colleagues will learn: How Emotionally Intelligent Customer Service Changes The Relationship And Financial Results Too How You Can Transform Customer Interaction With Authentic Empathy, Clarity And Understanding

How To Boost Employee Engagement & Performance

Align intention and you boost employee engagement. The dissenters may be beyond help. That's the stark for virtually every organisation. But how can you refocus and revitalise those employees who do OK, but not much else? This thought-provoking 60-minute keynote presentation explores: - The 3 Key Drivers Of Employee Dis-Engagement - Why Dissenters Are So Dissenting - And What To Do About It - The Very Real Financial Impact Of High & Low Levels Of Engagement

Is Your Organisation Missing The 'E' Factor?

The E Factor is a fast-moving introduction to the power of Emotional Intelligence. It is packed with Scott's case studies and action steps you can take to significantly boost your organisation's effectiveness. During this 60-minute keynote presentation your colleagues will learn: - Emotional Intelligence - What It Is And Why It Is Needed - The 3 Factors That Influence Team Effectiveness And Engagement - Why Teams Drift Along Thinking They Are Effective (And What To Do About It)



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