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Sean Goggins Sean Goggins

Assistant Professor | Drexel University

Philadelphia, PA, UNITED STATES

Experienced, Dynamic Speaker on the cutting edge of big data harmonization


Industry Expertise (3)

Capital Markets

Advanced Medical Equipment


Areas of Expertise (2)

Group Informatics & Organizational Trace Data

Collaborative Knowledge Management

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Did You Come Here Alone? Group Structural Awareness and Invisible Leadership SNAGs in Our Understanding of Social Media

ABSTRACT: Online, nobody really knows if they are in a group; or what being in a group means. In fact, technologically mediated groups and communities are not experienced by their members in the same way that their face to face equivalents are. To understand these differences, computational social scientists must begin to think more clearly at the small group unit of analysis. Dr Sean P. Goggins refers to this transformative shift as Group Informatics. Unlike prior work examining distributed teams with multiple collocated cohorts, Group Informatics research focuses on a new form of social organization, the small naturally asynchronous group (SNAG). Such groups are technologically mediated in the sense that members perform most work when not collocated. SNAGs rely on computer mediated communication for the performance of group work, the maintenance of group identity and to meet individual member needs. This talk will describe the application of Group Informatics approaches to identifying group emergence and leadership behaviours in Government-NGO coordination during the crisis following the earthquake in Haiti in January 2010, in software engineering teams, online learning and political groups on Facebook.


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