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The term organic describes the products of agriculture that use no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. Organic methods consider the whole
eco system and use natural techniques to assist plant growth, repel pests and protect and encourage wildlife habitats.

What is Organics Baby Kua ?
Organics Baby KUA is a clean, sustainable alternative to conventional cotton. No toxic chemicals are used in processing and manufacturing
of Organics Baby KUA products. It is produced by farms where no synthetic chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers have been
used for at least three years. Instead of using agricultural pesticides, beneficial organisms such as parasites and natural enemies (such as
ladybirds against aphids) are used for insect management.

Why is Organics Baby Kua ?
-As much as 60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our bodies and new born babies are more at risk as their skin is 5 times thinner
-Avoids exposing the body to constant low levels of unnecessary chemicals e.g. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, parabens, chemical dyes etc.

Why is Organics Baby Kua ?
-Cotton grown naturally has denser fibres producing cloth that is beautifully soft, more durable and holds its shape better - even
when washed repeatedly ,

-Organics Baby Kua saves babies lives - No pesticides, hazardous chemicals (believed to cause up to a million cases of poisoning
a year and 20,000 deaths) - so better for farming communities
-No formaldehyde (used as a finish) which can cause rashes, asthma etc - so better for those with allergies, asthma or chemical
sensitivities - and means it smells cleaner too(!)
-No nickel in the poppers which can cause skin rashes.

Facts about conventional cotton :
2.03 billion uses pounds of synthetic fertilizers per year. Uses 25% of the world's insecticides. Uses 84 million pounds of pesticides per year
Source : Organic Trade Association

Organic Standards :
The organic industry is working to ensure that the highest standards are used behind the label "organics."You may be interested to know that the four principal
labels for cotton fiber products are :

1. 100% Organic Cotton. This must contain 100% organically produced cotton.
2. Organic Cotton. This must contain 95% organically produced cotton.
3. Made With Organic Cotton. This must contain at least 70% organically produced cotton.
4. Made With 100% Organic Cotton. This must contain the percentage of cotton advertised.

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Nano-Gro(Nanomolecular Organic Productivity Enhancer) (professional)


The power to realize maximum plant growth and yield comes packaged in a pellet the size of a raindrop. Nano-Gro™ is a highly concentrated proprietary formula that uses cutting-edge Agro Nanotechnology™ to create stronger, bigger, healthier plants, in a cost effective and simple to use way.

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Yildiz Technical University: Dr., Electric&Electronic Enineering 1972

Organic cotton is grown using methods and materials that have a low impact on the environment. “Working with, not against,” nature is the principle behind organic farming. Grown without pesticides and spun without chemicals, organic farmers rely on organic fertilizers, manual crop rotation and integrated pest management. Fields are naturally fertilized, pest-eating insects are used to naturally control crop damage, and weeds are removed with hoes and tractors, as well as manually.

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Serdar TUNCLUER , Chariman | Tuncluer Textile Inc.Co/Dr.Tuncluer

The Tuncluer textile was established in February 2006 with the aim of producing %100 natural organic cotton fabric, and serving its textile products which is weaved from these fabrics to its valuable customers. The Tuncluer® is a group company of Tuncluer Company which founded in 2000 by Dr.Serdar Tuncluer . The Tuncluer which makes innovatory investments in all subjects has entered the medical textile field with T.T.I® Textile. With a past of 12 years and commercial experience of 100 years(Eren Tricot).



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