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Shah Jamal Shah Jamal

Program Director | Motivatorz'r'

New Delhi, INDIA

Shah M. Jamal, communication specialist, a great motivator, an MBA and a certified NLP practitioner is based in New Delhi and has been into

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Sell Powerfully - The power to influence

'sell Powerfully ? The Power to Influence? is a Sales Training Program that conditions sales people for success and provides them a sales process and strategies and a new perspective on their business, new levels of excitement and a dramatic increase in their sales. First sales people will learn performance enhancement strategies so that they have absolute confidence and certainty to break through any limitations and perform at their best. Second they will learn the psychology of why people buy and learn the most powerful strategies of influence and persuasion. Finally they will use these within a proven sales process that will easily and consistently produce results. Through our Sales Training sales people will enter that powerful state where everything will flow perfectly for example, they are in a sales meeting and the precise words come to them effortlessly and they mesmerize their prospects into buying. Soon sales people start to live in that zone where success flows and they start achieving great results consistently and on demand.


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