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Shahd ElAshri - International Data Corporation (IDC). Toronto, ON, CA

Shahd ElAshri Shahd ElAshri

Research Analyst, Consumer Devices | International Data Corporation (IDC)

Toronto, ON, CANADA

Shahd examines the consumer mobility, wearable device and AR/VR markets in Canada


Shahd ElAshri is research analyst for consumer devices at IDC Canada. In her role, Shahd focuses on the wearables and AR/VR markets where she delivers trend analysis, and market forecasting.

Shahd holds a Bachelor’s degree from University of Toronto in Economics and Communication.
Prior to joining IDC, she worked at IBM as part of a Coop program with experiences ranging from Business Analytics to Sales and Marketing.





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Areas of Expertise (4)


Consumer and B2B Buyer behaviour

Augmented Reality (AR)

Business Intelligence

Associated IDC Services (3)

  • Canadian Mobile Consumer and Connected Life
  • Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker - Canada Region
  • Quarterly AR/VR Tracker - Canada Region


Education (1)

University of Toronto: Bachelor of Arts, Economics, Communications, Culture & IT 2019

Media Appearances (1)

Facebook rebrand to Meta is a bid to represent the future of technology



In an interview with Skedline, Shahd ElAshri, an analyst at the International Data Corporation Canada (IDC) covering consumer program explained how META is slowly working towards building a metaverse into the everyday internet world. “They’ve already moved towards the VR universe with the current glasses they have. They’re already working towards obtaining the information and basically in 10 years you might be going to school on your couch. The idea is spending your day going to school or going to someone’s house as an avatar,” ElAshri said. ElAshri says this is a pivotal moment for Meta. Making the first move in building the VR internet gives the company a major advantage in the tech world.

Facebook rebrand to Meta is a bid to represent the future of technology

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