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Shahd ElAshri - International Data Corporation (IDC). Toronto, ON, CA

Shahd ElAshri Shahd ElAshri

Associate Analyst, Wearables and Consumer Research | International Data Corporation (IDC)

Toronto, ON, CANADA

Shahd examines the consumer mobility and wearable device markets in Canada


Shahd ElAshri is an Associate Analyst, Canadian Consumer and Mobile Research. In her role, Shahd focuses on the Wearables market where she delivers trend analysis and market forecasting. She also contributes to the Consumer Program; delivering insights on a fast changing environment.

Shahd holds a Bachelor’s degree from University of Toronto in Economics and Communication.
Prior to joining IDC, she worked at IBM as part of a Coop program with experiences ranging from Business Analytics to Sales and Marketing.

Areas of Expertise (4)


Consumer and B2B Buyer behaviour

Augmented Reality (AR)

Business Intelligence





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Associated IDC Services (2)

  • Canadian Mobile Consumer and Connected Life
  • Quarterly Wearable Device Tracker - Canada Region


Education (1)

University of Toronto: Bachelor of Arts, Economics, Communications, Culture & IT 2019

Reports (4)

COVID-19 Impact: 2020 Canadian Smartphone Market IDC Canada

Steve Yang, Shahd ElAshri, JP Bouchard


This IDC Market Note presents the effect of the COVID-19 outbreak on the Canadian smartphone market, discusses the outcome of launching new models in the current economic situation, and provides IDC's COVID-19 forecast of the market.

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Canadian Consumer Survey Indicators 2020: Wireless, Internet, Home Phone, TV, and OTT Video Services IDC Canada

Manish Nargas, Shahd ElAshri


This IDC Survey presents findings from IDC's recent consumer surveys on the wireless, internet, home phone, TV services, and OTT video markets in Canada.

Results presented outline consumer perceptions and the current state of the previously mentioned consumer service markets in Canada, discussing service provider satisfaction and recommendation metrics, interest in and usage of new next-generation services, and pricing nuances and bundling. Cuts by various demographic and service factors (age group, region, and others) are shown where relevant.

This document is useful for market intelligence roles, product managers, and product marketers who seek to understand the state of the TV, wireless, internet, home phone, and OTT video service market in 2020, consumer plans for these services, and new end-user behaviors and intentions.

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A Canadian Perspective on On-Wrist ECG: Does It Edge Out the Competition? IDC Canada

Shahd Elashri, Manish Nargas


This IDC Market Note provides IDC's point of view on the relevance of the ECG feature to the wearable market, provides insight about the feature's current benefits/shortcomings, and discusses the competitive advantage the feature inclusion can bring.

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The Realities of Virtual and Augmented Reality: 2019 Canadian Consumer Survey Findings IDC Canada

Shahd ElAshri, Jean Philippe Bouchard, Manish Nargas


This IDC Market Presentation presents findings from IDC Canada's recent consumer surveys focusing on the augmented and virtual reality market in Canada. The showcased data presents the overall size of Canadian wearables market opportunity in the short term and highlights consumer interest, ownership, and usage, along with consumer uptake based on AR and VR applicable activities and use case preferences. Additional insight is provided through additional demographic comparisons where relevant.

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