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Shane Wolffe - Indie Ink Publishing. Saskatoon, SK, CA

Shane Wolffe

Founder | Future Proof Solutions

Saskatoon, SK, CANADA

Future Proof: Building Sustainable Societies & Homes



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Driven by his passion for the environment, Shane founded Future Proof Commissioning Solutions Inc./ Future Proof Software Solutions Ltd. with the objective of helping society by promoting the practice of commissioning, educating the public about energy saving/renewable technologies and connecting people to professionals and products that can help them live in better health and comfort while reducing their environmental footprint.

Shane is now consulting through his company Future Proof Commissioning Solutions Inc. in the areas of commissioning, retro commissioning and commercial energy auditing. As he works to build the online community, Shane works with companies to improve the efficiency, green features and marketability of their projects.

Born and raised in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan, Shane received his bachelor’s degree from the University of Regina, specializing in Electronic Systems Engineering. As a registered Professional Engineer (Saskatchewan), LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Accredited Professional in Building Design and Construction, Certified Energy Auditor and Certified Level One Thermographer, Shane uses his skills to advance the practice of commissioning in both buildings and industrial processes.

Industry Expertise (8)


Construction - Residential

Construction - Commercial

Renewables and Environmental

Business Services


Architecture and Planning

Electrical Engineering

Areas of Expertise (13)

Green Building

Urban Design

Climate Change Leadership

Passive House

Sustainable Development

Solar Powered Home

Climate Change Solutions

Fossil Fuel Dependence

Energy Efficiency


Green Housing


Urban Planning

Accomplishments (4)

Professional Engineer (professional)

Association of Professional Engineers and Geo-scientists of Saskatchewan

LEED Accredited Professional - Building Design and Construction (professional)

Canada Green Building Council

Certified Energy Auditor (professional)

The Association of Energy Engineers, License 1667

Thermographer Level 1 (professional)

FLIR-Systems Ltd. Canada, License CON-408609

Education (4)

University of Regina: Bachelor of Applied Science, Electronic Systems Engineering 2003

Minor in Computer Science & Software Engineering

Canadian Green Building Council: LEED AP BD+C, LEED for new building construction 2009

Thermography Training Center: Certified Level 1 Thermographer, Introduction to Thermography 2012

Association of Energy Engineers: Certified Energy Auditor, Certified Energy Auditor Training 2011

Affiliations (5)

  • Canadian Green Building Council
  • Association of Energy Engineers
  • Awesomeness Fest
  • Infrared Training Center

Languages (1)

  • English

Testimonials (2)

Alexsandor Pozsonyi, Sr. Project Manager | Prairie Region at MHPM Project Managers Inc.

"Shane emerged as a leader among the owners team, as our link to all things related to LEED and green building. He was highly successful in his role as Commissioning Project Manager and his communication and leadership skills assisted with the functionality of the team. He also accomplished a tremendous amount of quality work with very short timelines and was extremely successful in maintaining concise reporting for the entire project."

Jeffery David Smith, Creator of Rich Simplicity, Author: The 10 day Turn Around, Stress-Free Success, The Code Of The Trader, and The 2X+1 Freedom Manifesto | AssetSmith, LLC, The Center For Personal Excellence, Inc

5.0 out of 5 stars Will pay for itself hundreds of times over Shane does a superb job of explaining the topics in his book. This is one of those books that is not a cost, but rather is an investment - and an investment that will have a huge return as the knowledge gained from this book will pay for itself hundreds of times over. Well worth reading!

Media Appearances (1)

Host of Future Proof Radio  radio


Future Proof is Freedom. What kind of world do you want to live in? Together we can change the world. We must start with ourselves. Then we can Future Proof our homes, businesses and communities. Many people don’t realize it, but most of our biggest problems can be solved using current technology. I want to help you understand what you can do right now to make a difference. My guests and I are going to simplify our technical expertise and break down what you can do in your home, business, workplace or community to save money, reduce your environmental impact and improve the health of yourself and people around you. Our guests work in various industries but all of them are here to help you Future Proof your home and our planet. Join me for Future Proof Radio every Tuesday at 4 PM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Variety Channel, and let’s build a better world.

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Event Appearances (2)

Sustainable Housing Options - How to Future Proof Your Home

Citizen's Hearing On Climate Change  Saskatoon


How Building Better Homes Will Benefit A Community

Musket Lake First Nation Housing Meeting  Muskeg Lake First Nation


Sample Talks (3)

Sustainability & The Future Proof Home

Building or buying a home is a huge investment, and the final product is one that lasts for decades, if not centuries. Have you explored all your options? Green homes can save you money in the long term, and provide security for your family even in the harshest winter climates. Shane explains how it's possible to own a more comfortable, environmentally responsible and energy efficient home without having to change your lifestyle.

Environmental Sustainability: Not All Solutions Are For Hippies

How do you feel about being dependent on a polluting, limited, and increasingly expensive commodity like fossil fuels? Shane illustrates how this dependence is built into our community infrastructure, how this will affect society in the future, and highlights some new technologies and solutions that will create jobs and environmental stability.

Thinking Green: And Economic Opportunity For Contractors & Industry

Sustainable buildings are a long-term asset for community development, but an educated public can only do so much; they need options when building energy efficient commercial and residential structures, and they need environmentally conscious, forward thinking builders and contractors to help them. Shane provides some tools and ideas to help the construction industry work in collaboration with their clients to build green - making construction profitable for people AND planet.



  • Keynote
  • Panelist
  • Author Appearance


500 to 1500 *Will consider certain engagements for no fee