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Shannon Bush Shannon Bush

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Personal Leadership Strategist offers a New Paradigm for Women Inspired to Lead

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Effortless Success: Unleashing the Power of Your Lead-HER-ship archetypes

Personal leadership is the ultimate in empowerment, yet so many women who claim to be empowered continue to say they **Are tired of struggling, trying to fit everything into each day **Feel like they?re drowning in overwhelm & stuck somewhere they don't want to be **Are frustrated & feel powerless, even helpless at times **Are confused about what to do next & unsure who they are some days Have you ever stopped to consider how much NOT being in relationship with your inner leader and therefore giving your power away is costing you daily? Personal Leadership Strategist and Empowerment Expert Shannon Bush, with her newly developed Feminine Leadership Archetype Paradigm has developed a way for you to **Feel more self assured, clearer about who you are & why you?re here **Experience great personal freedom, & achieve more by doing less **Learn about yourself in a new, powerful way & live your life your way **Discover why it's not your fault that you've been consumed by frustration & fear & there is a way to consciously turn any challenge into a powerful statement & expression of the Leadership Goddess YOU are If you are a woman in a leadership role; in business, in career, in community, in life ~ you?ll take your leadership journey to new heights by joining Shannon for her half day Effortless Success Seminars around Australia. This event offers a truly transformational experience of personal leadership and empowerment that will make a significant lasting positive impact on your leadership development, personally and professionally